iON Mobile Power Bank: Backup Battery for iPhone [Video Review]

iON Mobile Power Bank

The iON Universal Mobile Power Bank by FSP Group is a credit-card sized rechargeable portable backup battery for iPhone and other devices.

FSP Group sent me an iON Mobile Power Bank a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve had the opportunity to test it out briefly with my iPhone 3G S.


The iON Universal Mobile Power Bank is $29.99 as of this writing. You can purchase it at the FSP direct site. For the price, you get:

  • The USB-powered iON Mobile Power Bank
  • 2 adapters — one for charging your iPhone or iPod Touch and the other for other USB-powered devices
  • A carrying pouch with two compartments — one for the battery and one for the cables

iON Mobile Power Bank contents

Watch my video review of the iON Universal Mobile Power Bank below:



  • It’s portable. You can extend your iPhone battery life anywhere you go.
  • It’s small. It’s about the size of a credit card and weighs only 50g.
  • It provides several additional hours of battery life to your iPhone – depending on how you use it
  • It’s got a nifty carrying pouch with two compartments for the battery and cables.


  • When the Power Bank is plugged in via USB, the charging indicator lights are on the underside of the device when it’s laid flat. In the future, could the USB input and the charging indicator lights be placed on the top of the device?
    Update: FSP Group has informed me that they have resolved this issue for the next edition of the iON battery: “We have modified the design for the 2nd generation iON power pack, and it’s now facing up after plugging in to the laptop USB hub to charge.”
  • The adapter and cable are a bit bulky. Could they be simplified so as not to take up so much pocket space?
  • The adapter head is made of plastic. Could it be made of metal like the iPhone adapter?

Additional Power Specs

According to FSP Group, this is how much power you can expect to get out of your iPhone, iPhone 3G and other devices (image below). The battery extension for the 3G S is not specified, however this review is based on using the iON Mobile Power Bank with my iPhone 3G S.

Addition power provided by iON Mobile Power Bank

I hope my readers and FSP group will benefit from this review. These are just my initial impressions of the iON Mobile Power Bank, so please share YOUR experience with this or any other iPhone backup battery in the comments.


Buy on Amazon: FSP iON C2200 PB4 Power Pack
Manufacturer: FSP Group

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  1. Why not put two batteries in the iphone and have more RAM installed as well. Have a smaller battery for the RAM and another for the phone. This way you can install more RAM like 512MB and have it’s own separate power source and not sharing from the actual battery that the phone will use. When charging it will charge both batteries in the phone. Has anyone thought of this???


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