5 iPhone Blogs I Recommend: Which Do You Read?

Looking for some good iPhone blogs where you can read more about your favorite mobile device? I thought I’d put together this list of my top 5 favorite iPhone blogs — in no particular order — for your reading pleasure:

  1. iPhone Atlas

    iPhone Atlas blog

    A CNET site, iPhone Atlas publishes a good deal of news on Jailbreaking, iPhone unlocking and third-party apps and development. The tone of the site is often technical and “newsy,” rather than personal and blog-like, but it’s worth a look.

  2. Apple iPhone School

    Apple iPhone School

    Apple iPhone School is a comprehensive resource on iPhone apps and Jailbreaking how-to. They update regularly about all kinds of cool third-party apps that enhance the functionality (and fun!) of your iPhone.

    Doug and Brooke also publish a great “iPhone 101” video podcast covering all the latest interesting things going on in the iPhone community. This iPhone blog is highly recommended, particularly for those of you with Jailbroken iPhones.

  3. The iPhone Blog

    The iPhone Blog

    The iPhone Blog takes a humorous approach to iPhone news. The posts are written in a funny, Gizmodo-esque tone, and all articles are accompanied by a laugh-out-loud Photoshopped image.

  4. iPhone Freak

    iPhone Freak

    iPhone Freak publishes a nice variety of iPhone news in an easily-digestible format. The articles are reasonably short and to the point. I recommend this iPhone blog as an all-encompassing iPhone news source.

  5. And of course, my personal favorite: Apple iPhone Review 🙂

    Apple iPhone Review

    What, you actually thought I’d leave out this iPhone blog, my very own pride and joy?

    I like to think I take an “out-of-the-box” look at the iPhone. Although I love my iPhone, I consider the device’s flaws and how it can be improved. I also ask questions and emphasize community involvement on my blog, always encouraging readers to participate in the comments.

    You can read more about Apple iPhone Review on my About page, or click here to subscribe now.

Do you read any of the above iPhone blogs? Are there any other iPhone blogs you recommend?

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