Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone? Not Yet

Amazon Cloud Player iPhone

Amazon has just unveiled Cloud Player, a new service that stores your music collection online and makes it accessible from any computer in the world. As I read on the Amazon sales page, “Cloud Player comes in two varieties: Web and Android,” I wondered whether there was an Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone. Nope. Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone is nonexistent.

Why is Amazon Cloud Player Not on iPhone?

A couple of theories come to mind:

  1. Amazon is a direct competitor to Apple with its MP3 store that competes with iTunes.
  2. Amazon is snubbing Apple after they imposed a 30 percent subscription fee in the App Store on all publishers (i.e. Kindle).

Nevertheless, if Amazon does not unveil a Cloud Player for iPhone, they will be missing out on a sizeable market which iOS users represent. I, for one, would love to see Amazon Cloud Player on iPhone. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Amazon Cloud Player for iPhone? Not Yet”

  1. FYI, the amazon cloud downloader does save to iTunes, so while it’s a bit cumbersome (buy mp3 from Amazon, download to iTunes, sync to iPhone) it’s still possible. I prefer this to iTunes because if my music files get deleted/damaged, I can just re-download from Amazon. This isn’t possible on iTunes (well, it’s possible to do once, I have heard, but at Apple’s discretion, ugh!)

  2. I am wondering what is the difference between Amazon Cloud and mobile me or any of the other advertised cloud commercials I see?


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