iPad vs iPhone

iPad vs iPhone

Apple today introduced the iPad, a device CEO Steve Jobs heralds as the middle-ground between a laptop and a smartphone. Based on the announcements so far, it looks like the iPad is a lot like a giant iPhone, minus the phone.

Here is a comparison of the iPad vs the iPhone. I will update this page as new details become available.

iPad vs iPhone: How do they compare?

Display: The iPad has a 9.7-inch (diagonal) Multi-Touch display, compared to iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen.

iPad Display

Apps: The iPad will run iPhone apps from the App Store, but Apple has also debuted a Software Development Kit for iPad-specific apps.

Typing: Just like iPhone, the iPad features a virtual keyboard. Steve Jobs demonstrated the keyboard by placing the iPad on his lap and typing. Jobs says the keyboard is “a dream to type on,” but I have my doubts. Imagine typing a long document with no physical keyboard. If you own an iPhone, you know how challenging this would be. Luckily, Apple is also introducing a keyboard dock for the iPad.

iPad Keyboard

Multitasking: The iPad does not support multitasking — running multiple apps at once — and neither does the iPhone. There is some speculation that Apple will introduce multitasking for iPhone soon.

Camera: Unfortunately, the iPad does NOT have a camera, while the iPhone has a camera, and the iPhone 3GS has a video camera.

Flash: Unbelievably, iPad does not have Flash support, and neither does iPhone.

Speed: The iPad sports a 1 GHZ processor, compared to iPhone’s 600 MHZ.

eBooks: Apple has introduced an eBook store for the iPad called… you guessed it… iBooks. iBooks will be available on both the iPad and iPhone via the App Store. You will presumably also be able to use the Kindle app for iPhone on the iPad. Could the iPad be a Kindle killer?

iPad iBooks

iWork: Jobs said he always wanted to include iWork, Apple’s Microsoft Office-equivalent, on the iPhone, but it just wasn’t practical. iWork is present on the iPad, though not on the iPhone.

iPad iWork

Capacity: The iPad will be available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities. iPhone is currently available in 16GB and 32GB.

Wi-Fi: Both the iPad and the iPhone can pick up a Wi-Fi signal.

3G: iPad will be available with 3G, though you can also get an iPad without 3G for a lower price. The iPad’s 3G signal will be provided by AT&T, though unlike the iPhone, a contract will not be required and you can cancel any time.


The iPad pricing is as follows:

iPad Price

iPhone price varies depending on whether you buy the 3G or 3GS and whether you are starting a new contract with AT&T or upgrading. See the Apple Store for details.

iPad Video Demo

Check out Apple’s video demo of the iPad:

iPad vs iPhone: What do you think?

Is the iPad a revolution in computing? Or is iPhone good enough? Let me know what you think of Apple’s new iPad in the comments.

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  1. The iPad might be better for seniors like me. I am really interested as I rarely use a cell phone and find the screen and keyboard too small.


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