iPorn: Should Apple Allow Adult Apps on iPhone?

iPorn girls want iPhone app

iPorn.com, the iPhone-friendly porn site that sent bikini-clad women to the after-party of Apple’s 2009 WWDC conference, is up to no good again. This time, iPorn girls will pay Apple executives a visit to convince them to allow adult apps in the App Store, according to a press release issued by the porn site.

The iPorn girls, who have a “high level of motivation and a willingness to bend over backwards in order to close a deal,” say an iPorn app would be more convenient than having to launch Safari to browse to a porn site:

iPorn and its customers believe that having to open the safari browser on the iPhone in order to visit the iPorn website is too much of a hassle. An app that is accessible only to adults would be much more effective and safe. The whole world is waiting for Apple to stop controlling the type of applications its users are allowed to access. The approval of the iPorn iPhone app would be Apple’s first step in the right direction – NO MORE CENSORSHIP!

How to Restrict Adult iPhone Apps?

I imagine Apple is most concerned about the parents who would complain if their children got their hands on Apple-approved porn apps. But any kid with Safari enabled on his iPhone can look at adult content if he wants to, so why is the App Store of particular concern?

Adult apps in the App Store would actually be easier to restrict than websites in Safari. Just as other iPhone functions are controllable in Settings >> General >> Restrictions, adult content could be restricted here, too.

iPhone app restrictions

Should Apple Allow iPhone Porn Apps?

Apple is not the moral judge of content on the Internet or Safari, so why should it be the moral judge of iPhone apps in the App Store? What do you think? Should Apple take its hands off the App Store and allow adult content on the iPhone?

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  1. I agree I really do think that they should take their hands off because some people in this world need a little excitement within themselves they might not have any girlfriends/boyfriends so yea I highly agree that they should take their hands off


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