iTunes Gift Card Drawing: Winners Revealed!

iTunes gift card drawing

Congrats to the 10 winners of the iTunes gift card giveaway! I asked my readers, Twitter followers and YouTube subscribers to enter the drawing by telling me what one iPhone feature they would most like to see in 2010.

Find out who the winners are and what they had to say:

What one iPhone feature would you like to see in 2010?

The Winners:

  1. Paula said:
    I really need a way to lock up instant messages so no one else can see them when they are using my iPhone.
  2. Tammii92 (via YouTube) said:
    A feature id like would be, if you would have skype or something like that, u could video chat? with them instead of just talking like you would on a phone.
  3. Nick Rangel said:
    I think that apple should add a video camera to the iphone,Also i think that they should add a feature where you can change your backgrounds and app logos without having to jailbreak it.
  4. Mohamed said:
    I would like my contact folder to be linked to the Calender so I can set up meetings with my contacts without re entering the contact information.
  5. TheJunkMonger said:
    The thing I woukd really like my iPhone to be is an open platform and better battery life.
  6. birdman9564 (via YouTube) said:
    the feature i’d want on the iphone is for it to be faster..
  7. Joe Fishman said:
    I would like to be able to sort contacts by various groups or sub groups and have it be user defined.
  8. Pat Wolverton said:
    I want more frequent updates for the 3g,,, I know apple can do that, I want them to free up more apps,,, haven’t we proven our loyalty?
  9. BG said:
    I wish that I could have a custom background without having to jailbreak my phone.
  10. Jeffrey Hagedon said:
    iPhone needs a folder system for organizing and storing apps. I have over 300 apps and many can only be accessed using the finder. You need a very good memory to know what you’re looking for.

Thanks to everyone who participated and congrats to the winners!

Check out my top 10 iPhone wishes for 2010. What are yours?

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