Will BMW Feature iPhone Integration?

BMW iPhone

Autospies reported Tuesday that BMW may be the first auto manufacturer to make its cars iPhone-friendly. “A reliable source” told Autospies that iPhone compatibility – beyond “just Bluetooth” – might be built into the next BMW 7-series (out in 2009).

There’s not much evidence to back this rumor up, but it’s worth mentioning that BMW was the first auto manufacturer to team with Apple on integrating the iPod into its cars via a glove compartment iPod hookup controlled by buttons on the steering wheel.

3 thoughts on “Will BMW Feature iPhone Integration?”

  1. The comments above are from people who do not own BMW’s and do not know what they are talking about. Iphone have made a bracket for BMW, it was not designed to take or look at pictures, its purpose is to intergrate into the audio system to make and receive calls hands free. For long trips, it keeps the battery on charge. The only disapointment is that the Audio on the ipod side of the iphone does not connect while in the bracket.

  2. You can tell this is fake by one thing. Why the hell would there be a Camera button if it runs through the car? Unless theres like a camera in the stering wheel….

  3. I think this should be iligal!
    Do you want to be looking atboctures and texting while ur driving and get into an acident?!


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