Will You Upgrade to the New iPhone 3.0?

iPhone’s new operating system (available via an iTunes update June 17) will feature copy & paste, MMS support, Spotlight search and more. Apple will also introduce new, faster iPhone “3G S” hardware with a built-in video camera. Check out the details.

I’m curious…

Cast your vote and, if you have a second, let us know why or why not in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Will You Upgrade to the New iPhone 3.0?”

  1. So what was all the hype about. the Bluetooth is still a 100% pile of rubbish – mind you it does now understand proper phones exist. Still can’t Bluetooth pics to my PROPER PC. On well I can still use it for other things.
    Mind you I could always borrow my partnes Nokia

  2. Good Luck! The 6/17 3.0 update scheduled MY iTunes updater to 6/23. They must be using a Mac for a server, ya think?

  3. I had to replace my iPhone 3G a few months ago because I dropped it (accidently) into water. At that time, AT&T charged me full price for the 16 gig model because I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade AND made me sign on for another two years.
    So I’m going to hold onto this phone for awhile.


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