Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

“What are the best iPhone jailbreak apps?” is a question I get asked from time to time by readers of this blog.

After you jailbreak iPhone and you begin to browse the Cydia store for the best iPhone jailbreak apps, you quickly realize that Cydia is packed with apps, and it is not immediately obvious which are the best iPhone jailbreak apps.

That’s why I have decided to list my favorite jailbreak apps here for anyone curious about the top jailbreak apps for iPhone.

Based on my experience with several jailbroken iPhones — including my currently jailbroken iPhone 4 — I present to you the six best iPhone jailbreak apps, in my humble opinion:

Top iPhone Jailbreak Apps

  1. Activator lets you set custom gestures and button sequences on your iPhone. For example, you can configure Activator to bring up your Contacts with a “Short Hold” of the home button, or shake the device to open any app you specify, etc.
  2. Poof lets you hide apps that you don’t use. I was always so annoyed by how I had to keep the default Weather app icon on my home screen even though I used another weather app, and the Contacts app, which I never use. With Poof, you can make icons that you don’t use disappear from your home screens.
  3. Frash brings Flash to jailbroken iPhone 4’s. Even though Flash does not perform well on mobile phones and it is a big battery drainer, it is nice to have the option to run Flash on your iPhone. Frash is definitely among the top iPhone jailbreak apps considering that lack of Flash support is a big point of contention among iPhone owners.
  4. Lockdown Pro lets you put passcode locks on individual iPhone apps. I use Lockdown Pro to put a pass code on my Messages and Mail apps, for example.
  5. My3G. Ever notice how your iPhone is limited in some regards when you are on the 3G network. For example, you can’t normally watch videos in full quality over 3G — they are extremely compressed. And you can’t FaceTime over 3G. The My3G app removes this restriction by tricking the iPhone into thinking you are always on a WiFi network.
  6. LockInfo is perhaps the best iPhone jailbreak app. LockInfo makes your iPhone lock screen useful by aggregating all of your useful data on it. I use LockInfo to display the weather, my recent email, my to do list, and avatars of my favorite contacts.

These top iPhone jailbreak apps should be a good start for you if you have recently jailbroken your iPhone. Let me know in the comments what YOU think are the best iPhone jailbreak apps.