Updated Comment Policy & Community Guidelines

Commenter on a Soap Box

In response to some recent mean-spirited comments left on this blog, I have decided to write this Comment Policy to clarify basic etiquette that I expect from commenters at AppleiPhoneReview.com.

To be clear, most commenters are courteous and helpful, but these rules are intended for those few bad apples who offer no value to the conversation.

I reserve the right to edit or delete your comment if you disobey any of the following community guidelines. Breaking any of these rules more than once may get your IP address(es) banned from the comments section, at my discretion.

Thank you to the majority of commenters on this site who are kind in their replies.

Mandatory Community Guidelines

1. No insults. You have a right to express disagreement with an article on this site or with a comment, but express yourself in a civil manner. You probably wouldn’t call someone you disagree with “an idiot” (or worse) to their face, so don’t do it on this blog.

2. If you represent a company or institution of any kind, then you must disclose your affiliation in the comments. It is acceptable to talk about your commercial product or service on this site, as long as you are honest about who you work for.

3. Add value to the conversation. If your comment is simply a valueless statement such as “I love iPhone,” then it is not worth posting. Please either make an insightful comment, ask a question, or help someone by answering theirs.

In the coming days, I will be removing and/or editing past comments that do not follow these guidelines. Thanks for your patience as I deal with the occasional mean or dishonest commenter.