How iFixit is Building an iPhone Repair Counterculture [Video]

iFixit is more than just an iPhone repair company. A Mother Jones feature story in the latest issue highlights iFixit’s culture of sustainability, and how fundamentally, they are changing the way people think about waste and the iPhone.

iFixit’s repair manifesto, available as a poster, holds several truths to be self-evident–some practical (“Repair saves you money”), some principled (“Repair saves the planet”), and some profound (“If you can’t fix it, you don’t own it”). – “These Guys Can Make Your iPhone Last Forever” (Mother Jones)

It’s troubling to think about the electronic waste involved in our rampantly growing smartphone culture. Every part wasted means more junk waste in landfills, more toxic chemicals in the environment, and more harm to humans and the world.

I applaud a company that can make a profit while teaching people about fixing iPhones rather than ditching them. iFixit has an extensive crowd-sourced tabernacle of tutorials to teach you how to diagnose and repair your troubled device.