Touchscreen BlackBerry to Take On iPhone?

Touchscreen BlackBerry Patent

A Research in Motion (RIM) patent application points to the possibility of a touchscreen BlackBerry in the near future.

Because the patent application was published only four months after it was filed, as opposed to the typical 18-month waiting period, it’s possible that the production of a touchscreen BlackBerry could be right on the horizon.

The first line of the patent’s abstract reads:

A touchscreen liquid crystal display, method for using a liquid crystal display as a user input, and a mobile electronic device are provided.

Could it be a fake?

A commenter on ZDNet suggests that RIM could just be “spin doctoring” in an attempt to throw off its competitor, Apple.

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Android vs. iPhone: Will the Google Phone be an iPhone Killer?

Android Phone

Update: This article was written over three years ago. Since then, Google’s Android Army has gained tremendous marketshare and placed enormous pressure on Apple’s iPhone.

Google last week unveiled Android, an extremely versatile open-source mobile phone platform that will be freely available to all handset makers under what CEO Eric Schmidt calls “one of the most liberal licenses in the world.” Will Android change the mobile landscape as much as iPhone did, and if so, how will iPhone suffer — or benefit — because of it?

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Stop Giving Steve Ballmer the Spotlight

By now you’ve probably heard about Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer saying yesterday that “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share.”

iPhone competitors have learned that if they want to snag the attention of 10 million bloggers worldwide, all they have to do is join the petty playground wars over the iPhone and say something mean about the device.

Of course Ballmer is going to say that. Microsoft vs. Apple: It’s the classic rivalry. And it makes great reporter bait. But quite frankly, I’m sick of hearing about it.

On another note, this is my 100th post on Apple iPhone Review. Pretty exciting, huh?

Microsoft CEO Denies Zune Phone Rumors

AT&T iPhone Q&A

Not that the Zune phone would be a threat to the iPhone, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has downplayed rumors that the company would be creating any sort of Zune mobile phone. Instead, Ballmer said, Microsoft will focus on adding Zune features to Windows Mobile handhelds.

Enough about that. It’s not that I’ve got an Apple bias, just that I’ve always thought the Zune was Microsoft’s desperate attempt at jumping into the PMP market a little too late. By today’s standards, the Zune is already big and clunky, and not very innovative.

Meizu M8 to Feature 16GB Memory

Sorry to go on about this Meizu M8, but I thought it newsworthy to mention that Meizu’s iPhone lookalike may have a 16GB storage option, according to specs posted on the Meizu forums. 16GB, that’s double the memory of the top-of-the-line iPhone.

Sounds good. Hopefully Apple will follow suit and include a bigger flash memory in iPhone v2.0.

Update: Apple now sells a 16GB iPhone.

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