7 Awesome iPhone Accessories Just Added to the iPhone Shop

Here is a brief rundown of 7 neat iPhone accessories just added to the AppleiPhoneReview.com iPhone shop.

Be sure to visit the shop to check out these and other top-notch iPhone accessories.

1. Cassette iPhone Case

Cassette iPhone Case

A retro silicone iPhone case that is both stylish and affordable. Flash back to the ’80s and ’90s with this classic cassette iPhone case.

Cassette iPhone case»

2. Retractable iPhone Car Charger

Best iPhone Car Charger

This retractable iPhone car charger prevents a mess of cables while you’re charging your iPhone in the car. Due to the tidiness factor and its low price, I’ve named this the best iPhone car charger in the shop.

Retractable iPhone car charger»

3. iPhone Horn Stand

Bone Collection Horn Stand

This iPhone horn stand amplifies your iPhone’s built-in speaker by 13 decibels without the need for a battery or power source. Cool!

iPhone horn speaker»

4. Gameboy iPhone Case

Gameboy iPhone Case

This Gameboy iPhone case is great for Nintendo-loving iPhone owners. Protect your iPhone in style with this retro and affordable silicone case.

Gameboy iPhone case»

5. NUU Minikey iPhone Keyboard

NUU Minikey iPhone Keyboard

The NUU Minikey iPhone keyboard is for those iPhone users who can’t quite get used to the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard. The NUU Minikey for iPhone is a case that doubles as a portable physical keyboard.

Nuu Minikey iPhone keyboard»

6. Six-Foot Long iPhone Cable

Long iPhone Cable

At 6 feet in length, this basic white iPhone USB cable lets you charge your iPhone from those hard to reach spots.

Six-Foot iPhone Cable»

7. Looxcie Wearable Camcorder for iPhone

Looxcie iPhone

The Looxcie camcorder for iPhone is a Bluetooth headset that lets you record video of your most cherished moments without the need to take your hands or eyes off the action. This sleek wearable camcorder also takes phone calls just like your typical Bluetooth headset.

Looxcie iPhone camcorder»

Ya dig?

7 Features iPhone Could Have Had if iOS 5 Got Facebook Integration

iPhone Facebook Integration

Apple recently boasted about Twitter integration on the upcoming iOS 5, but what if we had gotten Facebook integration instead?

iPhone already lets you link your friends’ profile pictures to their contact information in your phone, but Facebook features are otherwise restricted to the Facebook app itself.

Below are 7 Facebook features that we could have had if Apple had gone through with Facebook, instead of Twitter, integration on iOS 5:

  1. Add a friend on Facebook through your Contacts.
  2. Post a photo to your Wall or to a friend’s Wall directly from the Photos app.
  3. Get updates in your status bar about incoming Facebook messages, comments, and other Facebook Notifications.
  4. Post to Facebook systemwide.
  5. Check into Facebook Places in the Maps app.
  6. Facebook Chat integration in Phone or Messages.
  7. Link Facebook Events into your iPhone Calendar.

No one knows for sure why Apple chose to integrate Twitter and not Facebook as a core part of the iOS platform, but one thing is certain: Facebook integration would be a much-valued feature for many users, and potential users, of the iPhone.

I use Twitter and will appreciate Twitter integration on iOS 5, but Facebook integration would have been even better, in my opinion.

What Facebook features would you like to see integrated into the iPhone?

Five iPhone 5 Features That I’d Like to See

iPhone 5 Features

In my iPhone 4 review, I claimed that the iPhone had finally come of age. While I once touted an expansive list of things wrong with the iPhone, now that Apple’s device has matured, I am satisfied with it overall, despite my decision to jailbreak and add certain features here and there.

Nevertheless, there are still some features left to be desired. So here is a list of the top five features that I would like to see in iPhone 5:

iPhone 5 Features I Want

  1. iTunes Streaming. I would like to be able to listen to music without having to use up many of my precious gigabytes for iPod media storage. That’s why I love my Grooveshark app (which was unfortunately removed from the App Store 5 days after it was approved). There have been rumors that Apple will introduce a cloud-based iTunes music streaming service, but nothing has become of those rumors yet. Hopefully iPhone 5 will bring this much-awaited music streaming feature.
  2. Touch-Sensitive Bezel. About a year ago, it was discovered that Apple filed a patent for a touch-sensitive bezel. Possibilities include a bezel that senses when you remove the iPhone from your pocket and automatically unlocks, or a bezel that lets you increase or decrease the display brightness with a swipe.
  3. FaceTime on 3G. FaceTime is virtually useless to me if I can’t use it on the go. I hope to see Apple enable FaceTime video chatting over 3G, instead of keeping it limited to Wi-Fi.
  4. Thinner Hardware. Who wouldn’t want a thinner iPhone? It would look cool and be easier to handle.
  5. Dual Core Processor. As fast as the iPhone is already, a dual-core processor like the A5 chip in the iPad 2 could make the iPhone twice as fast.

Do you agree with my most-wanted features for iPhone 5? What would you add to the list of desirable iPhone 5 features?

Seven iOS4 Mini-Features You May Not Be Aware of

iOS4 Features

I assume you already know about the major features in the iOS4 iPhone update like multitasking and folders, but what small changes has Apple made to the iPhone in this update?

Here are the seven iOS4 features that have intrigued me the most — note: I own an iPhone 3GS:

  1. Whenever music is playing in the background, you can bring up rewind, fast-forward and play/pause controls by swiping right in the multitasking panel. (To go to the multitasking panel, double-tap your home button.)
  2. To lock your iPhone into portrait (vertical) orientation at any point, go to the multitasking panel by double-tapping your home button, swipe right, then tap the lock to fix your iPhone’s orientation in portrait mode.
  3. To add Bing as your default search engine, go to Settings >> Safari >> Bing. I am not a fan of Bing myself, but Apple has added Microsoft’s search engine to the iPhone for those of you who are.
  4. A section has been added to the Settings to add or remove certain types of searches from Spotlight Search. For example, you can now exclude notes and messages from Spotlight for privacy or convenience purposes.
  5. You can now turn off all cellular data in Settings >> General >> Network. Whenever I’m low on battery, I temporarily turn off 3G, but EDGE always used to remain on. Now, I can turn off all cellular data to preserve my battery for important uses only.
  6. If someone who is in your Contacts emails you, you will see their photo next to the subject heading.
  7. Perhaps the coolest “mini-feature” is the ability to zoom in the camera viewfinder. Simply tap the screen when in Camera and a zoom bar will appear at the bottom. Slide the zoom bar to zoom in and out.

What do you like most about the latest iOS4 iPhone update?

5 Questions to Consider Before Buying an iPad

iPad Questions

So you’re thinking about getting an iPad. I know you are jittery with anticipation, but before you go place your order, please consider these 5 questions that will help you make an informed purchasing decision:

  1. Can the iPad replace my personal computer? In researching the iPad, I have seen several comments on blogs from people who say they plan to scrap their laptop and use their iPad for all their computing needs. So can the iPad take the place of your personal computer?

    It depends. The iPad can browse the web, it can view and produce documents, and it can store photos and other multimedia. Yet there are some things your computer can do that your iPad cannot. The iPad cannot:

    • Accept USB connections. Since there is no USB port on the iPad, you can forget about plugging in certain devices, like an external harddrive or a printer. There will, however, be accessories for connecting some devices. For example, to connect your camera to the iPad, you will have to purchase a camera connection kit that is essentially a limited USB port. Of course, they could have cheaply and easily built this feature into the iPad, but in typical Apple fashion they are charging you for the accessory instead.
    • Create or edit video. While most people are perfectly fine with this limitation, if you use a web cam or produce movies on your computer, then the iPad will be unsuitable as a primary computer.
    • View Flash content on the web. Certain web sites are built with Flash, which is unsupported by the iPhone and the iPad, to the disappointment of many. Some of these sites, like Hulu, may develop apps that allow you to view their content on the iPad, but the lack of Flash support on other sites may be a nuisance.
    • Open non-Apple multimedia. Sure, you can buy music from iTunes, applications from the App Store, and books from the iBookstore; but if you want to open and save an mp3 file from the browser, a windows media file or some other non-Apple-sanctioned file type, then you may be out of luck.

    If you only use a computer for basic needs and you don’t consider the limitations above limitations at all, then perhaps the iPad can replace your personal computer.

  2. Am I willing to carry around another device? If the iPad cannot replace your laptop, are you willing to tow around another device when you leave home? Sure, the iPad is thin and light, but if you’re already carrying around an iPhone and a laptop, are you okay with adding another valuable to your baggage?
  3. Will the LCD display be hard on my eyes for book reading? The most-touted advantage of Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader is its e-ink display, a matte screen with no brightness or glare. E-ink is said to be easier on the eyes than an LCD display. If the iBookstore is the main reason you’re buying an iPad, ask yourself whether your eyes can tolerate staring at an LCD screen for hours. Personally, I am so used to spending hours in front of my computer that I imagine reading a book on the iPad would not strain my eyes anymore than I’m used to. But some eBook enthusiasts might find that the Kindle’s e-ink display is a better fit.
  4. Am I willing to pay more (up front and per month) for 3G service? The iPad ships with Wi-Fi on April 3, and another version will ship with 3G capabilities later that month. If you’re always on the go and you plan to take your iPad with you, you may be considering a 3G iPad. So will you be able to tether your iPhone to your iPad and use your 3G service on both devices? Steve Jobs answered this question quite clearly: “No.” That means you are going to have to add $15 or $30 (depending on your usage) to your monthly expenses if you purchase a 3G iPad. That’s in addition to the higher cost of the 3G iPad itself. You can see the iPad pricing structure on the Apple site.
  5. Will I be able to sync apps between my iPhone and iPad? We already know that more than 150,000 apps from the App Store will be usable on the iPad, but if you have already purchased apps on your iPhone, will you be able to use them on the iPad as well without having to repurchase?

    Songs you purchase in iTunes can sync across five devices, so I would imagine the same would go for apps. Also, when you download an app, the purchase is stored in your iTunes account so that if you delete it, you can redownload it without having to pay again. Hopefully your purchase history will follow you to the iPad, though this question remains unanswered as of this writing.

So will you buy an iPad in addition to your iPhone? What are some other questions to consider before buying an iPad? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments.

7 Simple, Yet Sweet Games in the App Store

I don’t care much for complicated role playing games that require you to complete missions and figure stuff out. Some of the best iPhone games are those single-purpose, mindless games that are challenging yet don’t require much thought.

I have too many things to deal with in my real life that I don’t want to have to worry about the tasks and stresses of some RPG character, too! Give me a simple game that I can play to take my mind off things every now and then, and I am a happy camper.

Here are seven simple and sweet iPhone apps that satisfy my small, but gnawing appetite for games.

  1. Sheep Launcher!

    How to Play: Keep the baby propelling upwards through the air by tapping it when it starts coming down. If you miss, game over. High altitude = high score.

    Sheep Launcher iPhone game

  2. FallDown!

    How to Play: Tilt your iPhone left and right to keep the red ball falling towards the ground. You must hurry or you’ll be crushed between the floor and the ceiling! You can pick up tokens along the way to accumulate points, stop the movement, or speed up the ball.

    FallDown! iPhone game

  3. Falling Balls

    How to Play: Tilt your iPhone left and right to force the stick figure man to run away from balls that are falling from the ceiling. If you’re feeling daring, play in the more challenging Ninja mode.

    Falling Balls iPhone game

  4. Paper Toss

    How to Play: Flick the wad of paper into the trash can as many consecutive times as possible, keeping in mind the office fan that’s blowing wind across your path. Read more in my original Paper Toss review.

    Paper Toss iPhone game

  5. PAC-MAN

    How to Play: Do I really need to explain? Your goal in this classic arcade game is to guide the yellow Pac-Man through the maze, collecting little dot thingies while you avoid the evil ghouls. Get it?

    Pac-Man iPhone game

  6. Skee-Ball

    How to Play: Roll the balls into the holes. Seven balls, seven holes. The farther away a hole is, the more points it’s worth. Extra points for getting the ball in a hole that’s flashing yellow.

    Skee-Ball iPhone game

  7. Touch Hockey

    How to Play: Just like a classic, real-life air hockey table, your goal in this iPhone game is to get the puck into your opponent’s goal. You can play against a computer or against a friend.

    Touch Hockey iPhone game

Do you play games on your iPhone or iPod Touch? What are your favorite games in the App Store? Let me know your opinion in the comments.