iMetal Isolation Headset for iPhone [Review]

iMetal Isolation Headset for iPhone

I’m listening to The Beatles’ Abbey Road on my iPhone right now, but I’m enjoying it more than usual because I’m using the iMetal Isolation Headset for iPhone that Maximo sent me.

I have to be honest: I’m not the best judge of these earphones because I’ve never owned an isolation headset before. I’d only briefly listened to isolation headphones one other time before first trying the Maximo ones a week ago.

But I can honestly say when listening to these vs. listening to Apple’s $30 white ear buds, that it’s instantly clear that the iMetal headset puts out a more full, encapsulating sound than do the white ear buds.

The iMetal headset has a more bass-prominent sound, and you hear small details in music that you might have missed while you used lower-end ear buds. But is the Maximo headset worth $70?

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DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone [Video Review]

DLO Portable iPhone Speakers

I’ve been enjoying DLO’s Portable Speakers for iPhone since I got my hands on them a couple of months ago.

The DLO iPhone speakers are compact, (reasonably) portable and surprisingly powerful. Yet there are a few things I believe DLO can do to improve this promising iPhone accessory.

Watch my video review below to see where the DLO portable speakers for iPhone excel, and where they fall short.

Buy DLO iPhone speakers HERE.

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Griffin Headphone Adapter & SmartShare Splitter [Review]

Griffin Headphone Adapter Box

Griffin recently sent me an iPhone headphone adapter and SmartShare headphone splitter for review.

As you may know, the iPhone’s headphone jack is recessed, so headphones other than those over-priced white Apple earbuds don’t reach into the port — yes, Apple is proprietary like that. That’s where the Griffin headphone adapter comes in.

It fits into the iPhone’s headphone jack so you can listen to music with your preferred non-Apple headphones.

The Griffin SmartShare headphone splitter does the same while splitting the headphone jack in two so you can plug in an additional headphone pair and listen to music along with a friend.

Continue reading for my full review of the Griffin headphone adapter and SmartShare headphone splitter.

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iPhone Car Mount Review: Pro-Fit miCradle & UltiMount V2

Pro-Fit miCradle

Pro-Fit recently sent me a miCradle iPhone holder along with an UltiMount V2 iPhone car mount for my Mazda 6.

I’ve had the Pro-Fit car mount installed for a week now, during which time I’ve considered the accessory’s usefulness and how good it is at doing what it should do.

Keep reading for my full review of the Pro-Fit miCradle and UltiMount V2 iPhone car mount solution.

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Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Review

Update: Apple has discontinued this headset.

I purchased the Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset three days ago for a thorough unboxing and review of the $129 iPhone accessory. The headset came neatly stuffed with a dock and travel cable in a simple black box the shape and size of iPhone’s.

See photos of the box and its contents in my iPhone Bluetooth headset unboxing after the jump. Or if you prefer, skip straight to my iPhone Bluetooth headset review.

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