iPhone Invisible Shield Review

Invisible Shield Package

Invisible Shield screen protectors by ZAGG are best known for being made of a material created by the military to protect helicopter blades from wear and tear.

Want to protect your iPhone 4 screen?
Buy InvisibleShield for iPhone 4.

If it can protect a helicopter blade, you would think it could protect my glass iPhone display effortlessly, right?

Eager to test an iPhone Invisible Shield’s durability for myself, I e-mailed Shield Zone and asked if they’d donate one of their screen protectors for me to review, fairly and honestly.

They agreed. So I received the ShieldZone package 4 days ago and applied the Invisible Shield to my iPhone right away. I considered how easy it was to apply, its attractiveness, and of course, its ability to withstand scuffs and scratches.

See how it fared in my iPhone Invisible Shield review after the jump:

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iPhone Review: My Experience

iPhone Box

It took me a while to get this iPhone review up, since I was busy driving back to the Apple Store and exchanging my new, slightly-defective iPhone for another.

Although I was super eager to explore my new gadget and write up an iPhone review, the iPhone I originally purchased had something loose in the USB port that brought it out of charge mode with even the slightest movement of the USB cable, so I was forced to return it.

I was the first person to go back to the store to report an iPhone-related problem, they told me, so the issue is most likely a rare one.

I’m not going to lie, though: the hassle of going back to the Apple Store was almost worth the thrill of unboxing two shiny new iPhones yesterday.

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