Rogers to Be Canadian iPhone Provider… Again?

Dear Canadian iPhone enthusiasts,

I know I’ve been juggling your emotions around with this whole Rogers Wireless deal.

First I said Rogers would be the exclusive iPhone carrier in Canada.

Then I announced that the wireless company had changed its mind and denied that they would be Canada’s iPhone provider.

Now, O’Grady’s PowerPage is reporting that a customer service rep. at Rogers Wireless said the company “will be carrying the iPhone and will actually function as the exclusive Apple iPhone carrier.”

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Rogers Wireless Changes Mind on iPhone in Canada

Rogers Wireless Uncertain

After announcing in January that it had iPhone plans in Canada, Rogers Wireless told CBS News today, “We haven’t announced whether we will carry the iPhone… Everything in the media has been speculations to this point.”

Rogers Wireless said in a January e-mail to its customers that it was working closely with Apple to launch the iPhone in Canada “as soon as possible.”

“Costs and considerations for adding a new phone to its lineup, including business and technical factors, may have offered compelling reasons for [Rogers Wireless] not to carry the device,” Ronald Gruia, an analyst with market research firm Frost & Sullivan in Toronto, told Apple Insider.

iPhone service up for grabs in Canada. Any takers?

EDIT: Ok, now Rogers is saying it WILL be Canada’s iPhone provider. Here’s the link. You decide.

Rogers Wireless to be iPhone Carrier in Canada

Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless customers will be pleased to know that the mobile phone service provider will be the exclusive iPhone carrier in Canada.

No info yet on availability, though I have little doubt it’ll be after June, when the iPhone debuts in the US.

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