Does Anyone Still Care About the White iPhone 4? [Poll]

White iPhone 4

Apple has been talking about the white iPhone 4 for almost a year. They have promised customers time and again that the white iPhone 4 will be out soon, and they have disappointed by not delivering. Now, after the white iPhone 4 was spotted on the Best Buy site, bloggers and media people are flipping out in excitement over it.

Personally, I think it would have been nice to have more choice in iPhone 4 colors from the beginning, but at this point I could care less about a white iPhone 4. Why should it get so much news attention? Because Apple might finally deliver on the grand promise of an iPhone that is… another color? Big deal. That’s just MY opinion, anyway.

Now that I’m done editorializing, it’s time for you to share your opinion:

Poll: Are You Excited About the White iPhone 4?

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Question: How do you feel about the advent of the white iPhone 4?

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Is the White iPhone Intended Primarily for Women?

White iPhone

Chinese website has just revealed a photo of what appears to be two models of the next-generation iPhone, and one of them is in a previously unseen white. I came across this story on the Mashable Facebook Page and noticed the thread sparked a discussion on whether the white model is intended to appeal to women.

White iPhone for Women?

One commenter opined, “The 4G coming out in white will appeal to more women,” while another retorted, “I know men with white iPhones. Maybe it has something to do with potentially leaving it in the car and heat?”

The question sparked my curiosity. I have always gotten the black iPhone model without ever really thinking about it. But I don’t think white is necessarily a “girl color.” After all, I own a white car and have never been made fun of because of it.

What do you think?

Is the white iPhone intended for women? Gentlemen, do you own a white iPhone? Ladies, would you judge a man with a white iPhone to be “effeminate”? Let me know what you think in the comments.