iOS4 iPhone Update Now Available: How to Download & Install

Now that iOS4 is available, here’s a tutorial on how to download the latest iPhone update in a few simple steps:

First, download the latest iTunes update 9.2 via the Apple website.

iTunes 9.2

Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and open iTunes. Navigate to the “iPhone” in the left-hand sidebar and click “Update.”

iOS4 Now Available

iTunes will prompt you with a notification that iOS4 is now available. Click Download & Install to install it automatically.

iOS4 Features

The installation wizard will show you a list of features in iOS4. Click next and agree to the Software License Agreement.

You will be asked whether to create a backup of your iPhone. I recommend that you create a Backup so that you do not lose any of your data.

iOS4 download status

iTunes will begin downloading iOS4. Be patient, it is a 378 MB download.

iPhone Backup

Updating iPhone Software

From there iTunes will backup your iPhone and install the latest iPhone software update.

Look forward to multitasking, folders, customizable backgrounds and much more. Let me know how you like iOS4.

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