$1 Headphone Adapter for iPhone

I’ve just reviewed the iMetal Isolation Headset for iPhone, a pair of iPhone earphones I enjoyed. But good sound quality and iPhone-compatibility come at a price. In the case of the iMetal headset, $70.

Cheap iPhone headphone adapter

If you’ve already got a pair of headphones you like, but which are not iPhone-compatible because they don’t reach into the iPhone’s recessed headphone input, then you might be better off getting a cable adapter instead of new headphones.

I’ve reviewed Griffin’s iPhone headphone adapter, a product I recommend, but I read in a MacRumors forum thread today that you can get an iPhone headphone adapter for dirt cheap. I’m sure this is one of the cheapest iPhone headphone adapters out there: for $1 at MonoPrice.com.

I haven’t tested this adapter, but if you need one, what have you got to lose? That is, except for $1.


Buy on MonoPrice: iPhone Headphone Adapter Cable

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  1. when you go to the website to order this adapter there is actually one on there for $.94. i ordered it and we’ll see how it works.


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