DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone [Video Review]

DLO Portable iPhone Speakers

I’ve been enjoying DLO’s Portable Speakers for iPhone since I got my hands on them a couple of months ago.

The DLO iPhone speakers are compact, (reasonably) portable and surprisingly powerful. Yet there are a few things I believe DLO can do to improve this promising iPhone accessory.

Watch my video review below to see where the DLO portable speakers for iPhone excel, and where they fall short.

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DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone – Pros

  • Speakers and dock snap into a ball that is easy to travel with
  • Dock holds iPhone in both vertical and landscape orientations
  • No interference from the iPhone’s cellular signal
  • Sleek & attractive design
  • Optional battery power for increased portability
  • Reasonably priced at $50

DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone – Cons

  • Power adapter and iPhone stand must be packed up separately
  • Wrapping up the many cables is annoying
  • Dock does not charge your iPhone, even though this feature could be easily incorporated
  • Not good for speaker-phone conversations, since the caller hears an echo of their voice

Some more photos:

DLO portable iPhone speakers

The iPhone can be docked vertically or in landscape orientation.

DLO speaker

The length of the speaker cable is 2 and a half feet, so you can spread them out pretty wide.

DLO iPhone speaker batteries

The speakers can run on outlet power or 4 AAA batteries.

Thank you to Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) for providing a test unit of these speakers for review.

If you’ve used the DLO portable iPhone speakers yourself, I would love to hear your experience in the comments.

Buy DLO iPhone speakers HERE.

[Update: Gordon Remo of iWorldAustralia, a DLO distributer, informed us in the comments that DLO was bought out by Phillips. So the portable speakers for iPhone still exist, only they are now owned by Phillips. Thanks for the update, Gordon. ]

5 thoughts on “DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone [Video Review]”

  1. Does the job; inexpensive; I own two sets. However, its 2008 and the product has wires? Wires are so…. 1970… should be bluetooth wireless.

  2. I love these speakers, which strangely are still be promoted as DLO over in the UK. The only thing that is stopping me from getting one is the fact I haven’t got myself an iPhone yet.

    By the way Chris this is a great site. Much more informative than others I’ve been browsing!

  3. Hello All

    That is a good review, especially with the video link.

    I work for iWorld Australia and we are the exclusive distributor for DLO/Philips in Australia and New Zealand. This product is now packaged under the name of Philips since DLO is now owned by Philips.

    We also have a nice video demo on the Philips Portable iPhone/iPod speaker on our webpage if any wants to check it out.




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