iPhone Car Mount Review: Pro-Fit miCradle & UltiMount V2

Pro-Fit miCradle

Pro-Fit recently sent me a miCradle iPhone holder along with an UltiMount V2 iPhone car mount for my Mazda 6.

I’ve had the Pro-Fit car mount installed for a week now, during which time I’ve considered the accessory’s usefulness and how good it is at doing what it should do.

Keep reading for my full review of the Pro-Fit miCradle and UltiMount V2 iPhone car mount solution.

Pro-Fit miCradle and UltiMount V2: Boxes & contents

miCradle and UltiMount V2

At first I wondered why Pro-Fit sells the miCradle iPhone holder separate from the UltiMount V2. Why not sell the whole mount in one piece? Apparently it’s because Pro-Fit sells different mounts and cradles for different cars/devices.

The UltiMount V2 package includes the iPhone car mount, an Alcohol Prep Pad and Surface Cleaning Kit, and an optional “bolt-on plate” for bolting the UltiMount to your car instead of relying on the default adhesive plate.

The miCradle package includes the iPhone holder, an elegant Pro-Fit sticker (not pictured) and screws for attaching the miCradle to the UltiMount.

Initially I received the wrong screws in my package, so I was unable to mount the miCradle to the UltiMount, but I emailed Pro-Fit and they quickly sent me the correct ones.

Attaching the miCradle and UltiMount V2

Although I had no trouble connecting the miCradle to the UltiMount, I would really like to see Pro-Fit sell a fully-assembled iPhone car mount in the future, rather than two different products that you have to piece together yourself.

Pro-Fit UltiMount Flex Pad

To mount the UltiMount V2 to my car, first I detached the “Flex Pad” and removed the adhesive film, then I wiped clean a surface in my car with the Alcohol Prep Pad and Cleaning Kit and, finally, stuck the adhesive where I wanted the mount to go.

After mounting the Flex Pad, I let the adhesive “cure” for 48 hours — the instructions recommended 72 hours, but I’m guessing that even one day would have done the trick. Then I reattached the UltiMount V2 (with miCradle attached) to the FlexPad and put the product to the test.

Pro-Fit iPhone Car Mount Reviewed

The iPhone fits snugly into the miCradle holder, which is padded with a thin foam layer on the inside. You can slip the phone in and out of the miCradle easily.

A possible disadvantage of the cradle is that it obstructs the sleep/wake button and the side volume controls of the iPhone, but do you really need to access these buttons while driving? If you do, you can easily lift the iPhone up a little and do so.

The miCradle also covers the iPhone speaker, which means the volume is lower when receiving calls and listening to music directly from the speaker, but this was not a big deal to me.

As far as sturdiness goes, the UltiMount V2 adhesive holds very firm to the car surface. Whether driving on a bumpy road or braking hard, the UltiMount iPhone car mount has had no trouble holding on tight.

Pro-Fit miCradle Horizontal

I really like the swivel ball on the mount, because it lets you easily adjust the angle of the cradle to whatever position you’d like.

You can even mount the iPhone horizontally, good for using apps in landscape mode, like iPhone’s Cover Flow — it’s probably definitely not a good idea to watch videos while driving!

The Pro-Fit iPhone car mount couples well with my Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset, for hands-free talking while driving.

Together the iPhone miCradle and UltiMount V2 cost $44, arguably a bit on the high-end, but the Pro-Fit accessories are sturdy, flexible and well-designed and, in my opinion, a worthy investment if you’re looking for an iPhone car mount solution.

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