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Invisible Shield Package

Invisible Shield screen protectors by ZAGG are best known for being made of a material created by the military to protect helicopter blades from wear and tear.

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If it can protect a helicopter blade, you would think it could protect my glass iPhone display effortlessly, right?

Eager to test an iPhone Invisible Shield’s durability for myself, I e-mailed Shield Zone and asked if they’d donate one of their screen protectors for me to review, fairly and honestly.

They agreed. So I received the ShieldZone package 4 days ago and applied the Invisible Shield to my iPhone right away. I considered how easy it was to apply, its attractiveness, and of course, its ability to withstand scuffs and scratches.

See how it fared in my iPhone Invisible Shield review after the jump:

Invisible Shield for iPhone Reviewed

InvisibleShield Contents

The contents of the Shield Zone package included:

  • 1 front and 1 back InvisibleShield film
  • 2 bottles of ShieldSpray solution, to activate the Invisible Shield adhesive
  • a squeegee for removing air bubbles
  • an Apple-like Shield Zone sticker

To apply the Invisible Shield, you spray both sides of the film with ShieldSpray and then plop the screen protector onto your iPhone’s display.

The instructions tell you to do this in a lint-free area. I cannot emphasize this requirement enough. Even in a clean environment, I found it very challenging to keep at least some lint out from between the shield and the iPhone display.

It’s not feasible to remove the lint after the Invisible Shield has already been applied — trust me, I went through an entire ShieldSpray bottle trying. So I tried a different strategy.

Because the film can be removed and reapplied, I removed it and, instead of using ShieldSpray (which seems basically like a soap & water solution), I held the screen protector under the faucet and rinsed it well with tap water, getting rid of all the lint.

Invisible Shield Squeegee

After letting excess water drip off the film, I had no problem applying it to the iPhone display.

The included squeegee works well for ironing out most air pockets. The instructions say to give any remaining “microbubbles” 2-3 days, but after nearly 4 I’ve still got a small, centimeter-wide cluster of speck-sized bubbles.

If you’re a nit-picky person, tiny microbubbles like these might drive you nuts, but the less obsessed will find they’re barely noticeable. The air bubbles are most apparent when you’re in an application with a white background (scrolling through Contacts, for example), where they appear as tiny light-gray specks. This was just my case, though; you might get lucky and not have to deal with bubbles at all.

While my bare iPhone display used to be a visible mess after even the shortest tasks, fingerprints and smudges on the InvisibleShield are far less noticeable.

Because of the film’s rubber-like texture, there’s a trivial amount of added resistance when you move your finger across the touchscreen. The difference is negligible, though, and certainly not enough to impair the iPhone’s touch sensors.

One benefit of the Invisible Shield’s rubbery feel — particularly on the back — is that it gives you a better grip on the iPhone, making it less likely that you’ll drop it.

Both the front and back films fit the iPhone precisely. The Invisible Shield is actually not invisible if you look closely, but most people who come across your iPhone probably won’t notice it’s there.

iPhone Invisible Shield Back

Invisible Shield for Back of iPhone

The back Invisible Shield film was, as opposed to the front, a challenge to apply. Initially, I had trouble getting the edges to stick to the rounded corners of the iPhone. The best way to do it, I discovered, is to hold down the film on each corner for about 30 seconds. After doing that, the back film stuck well and didn’t become undone, even after lots of time in my pocket.

Tip: If you have an InvisibleShield and can’t get rid of annoying air pockets around the edges of your iPhone, simply lift up the edge and add a drop of water to the Invisible Shield. Then hold down that part of the film for 30 seconds in the position you’d like it to stay.

Once you’ve got the back shield on correctly, you’ll be amazed at how well it conforms to the iPhone’s rounded edges.

Invisible Shield – Durability Tests

To test the iPhone InvisibleShield’s durability, first I swiped it vigorously with a key.

Invisible Shield Key

Then I used a knife.

Invisible Shield Knife

No visible scratches.

Invisible Shield

iPhone’s glass display is pretty scratch-resistant on its own, according to a recent PC World experiment, but because the Invisible Shield is hardly noticeable, it may be worth buying simply for the peace of mind.

I’ve replaced my Incase protective cover with the Invisible Shield because it’s nice to be able to enjoy my iPhone’s sleek look and feel, which most iPhone cases don’t allow for.

Click to see the InvisibleShield on Amazon.

Overview – iPhone Invisible Shield Pros & Cons

What’s good about the Invisible Shield?

  • Protects against scratches
  • Conforms well to iPhone; hardly noticeable
  • Adds no bulk to your phone
  • Makes smudges less visible
  • Gives you more grip on the iPhone, so you won’t drop it

What are its downsides?

  • May trap some microbubbles
  • Hard to keep out lint
  • May not protect against impact damage
  • A little pricey at $25 for front & back films

Click to see the InvisibleShield on Amazon.

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Just bought the invisible shield (dry version) for my iphone 4 yesterday at target after my old screen protector did its time. In less than 24hrs, I can already say this is the best screen protector I’ve owned. I had a CaseMate one before, and after 2 days, it had minor scratches. Pros: Keeps the screen crystal clear (no pixel-y picture), good deal ($15 at target), hardly noticeable Cons: Confusing directions (watch the video on their website!!!), some little bubbles still left, feels kind of sticky I know that the bubbles will go away on their own, but the bubbles… Read more »


*only a front screen cover


Had it om my iphone first week of july 2011. After just 2 weeks, it peel off spontaneously. Brought it back to the retailer which applied the shield. They said that they only guarantee that it will be free of scratches, I argued that how can it protect my iphone if peels off on it’s own. Want me to shell out extra bucks for re application, was so disappointed. This thing is really a HUGE, MEGA SCAM!!!. It’s so lame, it’s expensive and so USELESS!!. Any one considering this product should think twice or thrice!!.


Got it for iPhone 4 and it’s great got bothsides on no bubbles and I got a otterbox case on it which protects the corners well. It looks great

I have one of these for my ipod and it works great! I mean…the screen itself is pretty scratch-proof…but just in case I at least have some extra protection!


Bought the invisible shield for iphone 4, which includes front, back and the edges. Application was fairly simple. Nothing was hard about it. Easy to get it flat and bubble free. First, does not work well with “free” Griffin Motif. Case would push on edges until they bubbled up. I thought it was the extra sides patches of the ivisible shield, removed it. Also removed the back protector. None of it made any difference. Second, the tactile feel of the device changes greatly. Good grip, but too much, especially on the screen. Third, the material definitely yellows. I had a… Read more »


I brought a Zagg iPhone 4 protector for front and back. Looked great until I realized the orange peel effect. In a few days it started to peel off because it has a sticky rubbery texture. If you wear jeans that are close to your body you will find that it starts to peel from a side and attract dust. I have tried to reapply but have not had any luck. One other thing that is annoying is the sides are sticky and attract fluff eta from pockets. I really wouldn’t recommend this even though in Australia it cost me’… Read more »

Wow your corners look really good. Mine had little bubbles where they wouldn’t go all the way down and these bubbles started peeling off. The whole back isn’t coming off but it looks ugly.

I think it would have been a good idea to use a razor blade to cut off the top and bottom so only the back is protected.


Bought this for my iPhone 4. After a few tries I was able to get the product on the phone and get rid of the micro bubbles. The trick is to spray a lot of solution. The issue I had with mine was when I put a bumper on, it started to peel the edge of the Invisible Shield and that was a real pain. Since the product is cut to exact specs, its really hard to align 100% on the phone. This way, any time you put a bumper or case on it, you are going to run into… Read more »


I would leave this product alone, it’s just another cash cow for the wicked. Purchased mine about 2 months ago and followed all instructions to the letter. It covered the iPhone 4, but it looked poor with bubbles and a corner that just wouldn’t stay down. I’ve recently seen a fellow iPhone 4 user with the same product and it just ruined the whole aesthetically pleasing look, with bubbles all over it. Don’t waste your money on any off these so called shields. From prices ranging from £9 to a whopping £17.99, someone out there is making an awful amount… Read more »


I have used this product since it came out. I have had no problems with it what-so-ever. I don’t have any problems putting the shield on. I even put one on my Mac. No problems. I have install countless of these shields on Blackberry’s, Droid, ipod’s, laptops, and etc. Most of my outside sales guys use them. I would highly recommend this to anyone.


I got the invisible shield for my iphone4 and was excited to use it, however was quite disappointed afterwards. It’s grippy on the screen, when i glide my fingertip on the touchscreen it feels like my fingertip is being tugged. Also, you can tell that there is a layer of plastic over your screen and it takes away a bit of the resolution. A lot of dust also cling onto it easily, which is annoying to brush off constantly. On top of all that, it slides and peels off after using it for a while. The only good thing i… Read more »

I agree with how IS keeps it’s job but as I think of it, there are also other shields with the same material that’s just cheaper than what IS costs. I went for GadgetShieldz as they also use that military film IS is using. Similar to how it is installed and gives me the same scratch-free purpose, I think this $6.99 is my bet among others. Anyhow, shipping was free, only delivered in a plain white envelope unlike to the packaging of IS which is quite impressive, still I prefer quality than the packaging just as the results revealed after… Read more »


DONT BUY THIS CRAP. I just bought this invisible shield for my new iPhone 4.. Such a horrible product. Firstly you have to wet the product with some solution (who in there right mind develops a product that combines water with electronic devices,never a good idea)& then apply it to the iPhone screen.. After I put it on,I new I had just wasted the $20 i spent on it. Bubbles EVERYWHERE! DUST stuck under the screen EVERYWHERE (Trust,I used that microfiber cloth) HORRIBLE PRODUCT.DONT WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY!


The shield was scratched before i got done and i hardly applied any pressure. Bubbles were still there after 3 tries. I wasted $34.00 on a terrible product. Also , the picture quality wasn’t as clear as a cheaper screen i had installed previously.Would i recommend this product?….absolutely not!Don’t waste your money!


The Invisible Shield is a joke. It stays on for lets say 3 months. Sides start collecting dust and starts to peel off on its own. Can’t really keep it in your pocket anymore because the lint gets underneath it. I only get replacements because I can get them for free. But another problem with them is, if you have a white iPhone, dirt somehow sticks to it and is embedded on the surface. Can’t wipe it off either. Not worth the 30$ they are charging for it.