The No-BS iPhone Accessory Buying Guide: Holiday 2012

If you’ve yet to get gifts for some of your friends or folks, then check out our new, 22-page
No-BS Buying Guide to iPhone Accessories.


Gift Ideas for iPhone Owning Friends

Get some unique gift ideas for your friends or family members who have iPhones in this to-the-point and user-friendly guide.

We’ve gone through thousands of iPhone accessories at and have selected just nineteen of the neatest iPhone accessories based on generally positive customer reviews and concepts that excite our imaginations.

This is a no fluff buyer’s guide, a succinct overview of 19 interesting iPhone accessories categorized by Personality and Character Type to suit your different friends and family.

Example Character Types: The Businessperson, The Student, The Eco-Conscious, The Gamer, The Music Lover, and many more!

This buyer’s guide is NOT intended to be a comprehensive review of iPhone accessories, but rather a short and sweet synopsis of interesting ideas to inspire your gift-giving.

Note: Some accessories are in limited supply or may be out of stock if you don’t hurry.

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Amazon offers Expedited Shipping so they are a great option for buying last-minute gifts. They give us a small commission for products we refer people to. If you purchase anything from the guide, please let us know by email, telling us how you like it and whether we can help you with anything at all.

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