Unleash Your Anger with iSheriff [Augmented Reality]

Maybe you think gun violence is atrocious, and that it should never be endorsed by an iPhone app. Well, you may be right, but I am sick and waiting for attention at the UF student healthcare center and there’s nothing I want more than to shoot up the place.

Cue: iSheriff, a new “augmented reality” (or should I say demented reality?) iPhone app that lets you blow the brains out of anyone in the viewfinder of your iPhone camera.

“Hey, sick kid in the waiting room. Let me put you out of your misery…”

iSheriff iPhone app

“And will someone please turn off this damn TV! No!? Well then I’ll do it myself…”

iSheriff iPhone app

If you’re not one for blood and guts, Disable Gore and go for the clean kill.

iSheriff is an amusing development in the new and emerging realm of augmented reality iPhone apps that are hitting the App Store.

Thanks to the iPhone 3.1 update, developers can now combine the iPhone’s camera, compass and GPS to place a virtual layer over a view of the real world.

Gonna shoot up a place? Use iSheriff.

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