The Apple iPhone is real. That means from now on, so is

I bought this domain name before anyone was sure whether Apple would name its mobile phone “iPhone,” or whether the phone even existed at all. For a while, it looked like there was no chance for an Apple iPhone, since Linksys already released their own iPhone VoIP phone in December, and Cisco Systems apparently owns the iPhone trademark – I’m sure we’ll hear more later as this issue unfolds.

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Apple Reveals Long-Awaited iPhone

Steve Jobs unveiled today at Macworld the much-anticipated Apple iPhone. I’m not sure how Apple got to name the mobile device “iPhone” despite Cisco Systems (Linksys’ parent company) owning the iPhone trademark in the US since 1996.

Apple iPhone

Nevertheless, it looks like the iPod/cellphone/Mac OS X tribrid really is the revolutionary mobile device that just last month none of us were even sure existed. Here’s a quick brush-up of the Apple iPhone specs and key features:

  • No stylus; the interface is one big touchscreen
  • Multi-touch zooming
  • Rotatable
  • Real Safari browser for web-surfing, chat, and email
  • Built-in 2 MP digital camera
  • Cingular-compatible (only)
  • WiFi and Cingular EDGE capable

The iPhone will be available in the US this June for $499 for the 4 GB model and $599 for 2 GB. It will hit the UK in October, and Asia sometime in 2008.

It’s going to be a groundbreaking device. I’m excited. More on iPhone later.

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iPhone Unveiled… by Linksys

So the iPhone is out today. But it ain’t from Apple. The Linksys iPhone, from Cisco Systems, is a VoIP phone that’s not nearly as impressive as I’m hoping Apple’s mobile phone will be.

Update 2011: This post was written in December 2006. Funny to look back on it…

Linksys iPhone

What are the chances Apple’s phone will be called iPhone?

Apple iPhone Rumors a Deceptive PR Campaign?

Apple iPhone Concept

A Taiwanese newspaper revealed Tuesday Apple’s plans to have Foxconn mass produce at least 12 million iPhones. Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs is expected to formally launch the iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco this January. Whether or not these plans are true is unclear, but the news could not have come at a worse time for Apple’s rival Microsoft, whose Zune MP3 player launched the same day.

As phones today are increasingly featuring MP3 compatibility, the Apple iPhones would challenge Apple’s influence in the mobile phone industry.

Computerworld blogger David Haskin said the Apple iPhone rumors may be just a massive PR campaign so “remarkably effective… that it doesn’t even have to be true.”

I’m talking about a massively successful PR campaign done primarily by volunteers. Besides being virtually free and remarkably effective, the best part is that it doesn’t even have to be true. Apple released no information (officially), so it can just sit back, say it doesn’t comment on future products and let the hype build. – Computerworld

That’s not to say the iPhone concept is a fabrication. After news of the iPhone spreads, Haskin said, Apple can analyze feedback from fans, pundits, and industry analysts to help “fine-tune its marketing efforts.”

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