iPhone Jailbreak: Do You Jailbreak? [Reader Poll]

iPhone Jailbreak

iPhone Jailbreak methods spring up around the web each time Apple rolls out an iPhone firmware update. I performed a Jailbreak on my iPhone last August so I could upload custom ringtones to my phone before Apple let you buy ringtones on iTunes.

Although Apple prohibits it, the great thing about Jailbreaking is that you can add all sorts of third-party applications to your iPhone and greatly increase its functionality. In February, Apple will finally allow third-party developers to create native applications for the iPhone, so there may no longer be a need for Jailbreak.

In the meantime, after each iPhone firmware update, the iPhone is restored and the Jailbreak you worked so tediously to complete is undone. Then, iPhone developers work hastily to come up with a new iPhone Jailbreak method, and you have to start all over — either that or don’t update your iPhone firmware at all.

I gave up on Jailbreaking my iPhone because a) I felt it was too much of a hassle, both to install the Jailbreak and to keep up with new Jailbreak methods, and b) because I feared voiding my warranty if I ever had a problem with my iPhone and had to take it Jailbroken into the Apple Store. What about you?

Do you Jailbreak?

Please vote in the poll below and share your experiences in the comments. Update: The poll is now closed. Thanks to those who voted.


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