16 Stunning iPhone Photos on Flickr

Wired.com reported yesterday that “despite its minimal camera features, the iPhone has just surpassed Canon’s Digital Rebel XTi as the most popular camera” on Flickr.

Amazing, but not surprising. iPhone’s portability and constant connection to the web make it an ideal tool for photo sharing. That’s not to say the device has littered Flickr with a bunch of crappy photographs, though. In fact, the iPhone can capture some pretty great shots, which is why today I’ve decided to highlight these 16 beautiful iPhone photos that have been shared on Flickr:

Note: I have posted these images here to honor the work of great photographers, not to steal it. I include a credit and a link above all of the photos below, but if you are the photographer and you object to having your work displayed here, please contact me on Flickr and I will happily remove your photo.

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  1. Lyon, France

    By: Fauxmantic

  2. inspiration…

    By: sharaff

    I have been watching a documentary about Ansel Adams, and he said that photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.
    I am beginning to believe he was and is true!
  3. “Umbrella Duel”

    By: sionfullana

    In the rain: (1 of 5)

    He shouldn’t have given that man a dirty look… Under the rain, now he walks towards him, and he’s going to want to settle business once and for all, rain or not…


    During the next days, considering that it’s raining almost every day this week in New York, I’ll be posting a series of my newest rain shots. Most of you know it’s one of my fondest photo fetishes… So here they go… the first five.

    7th Avenue
    New York

    (Taken with 3G iPhone)


    By: Ehsan Khakbaz

  5. “Someone Left that Phone”

    By: sionfullana

    Who ran away halfway through a call and left the phone hanging like that…. I couldn’t help but wonder… would there be a voice on the other side of the line, had I picked it up?

    Too creepy a possibility for me to even consider it… 😛

    East Village
    New York

    (Taken with 3G iPhone)

  6. Cop Call

    By: antonkawasaki


    Yeah, Officer O’Brian here.
    Huh? Ma? What are you…?
    Look, Ma – this ain’t a good time to talk. I’m in the middle of an arrest here.
    Yeah, I know I said I’d call you back earlier today, but I’m busy.
    What? Ma…I’m telling you..this isn’t a good —
    Gosh, I don’t know…meatloaf, ok? You can make me meatloaf! Whatever.
    What?? Side dishes? Oh for cryin’ out loud…
    Seriously, Ma — can we talk about this later?
    I know, but I don’t care that you’re at the supermarket now!
    Ma, I’m sorry. I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to raise my voice. It’s just…
    Ok ok ok ok.
    I know. Just get whatever, ok?
    No, I’m not going to complain later. I swear I’ll eat whatever you get!
    Ma, c’mon…you’re embarrassing me here. My partner is starting to roll his eyes at me.
    Aw, don’t make me say it now…
    –I don’t–
    ….I love you too, ok?
    I’ll be home at 8.
    Ok ok ok! 7! I’ll be there at 7.

    Times Square, NYC
    Taken with a 1st gen. iPhone

  7. watching the bridge, waiting for hanna

    By: absolutwade

    Hurricane Hanna was just about to start pouring down over Manhattan on Saturday. Waiting at the waterfall cafe to meet with broker who turned out to be a joke and needs to find a new line of work.
  8. “Two (French) Hipsters”

    By: sionfullana

    So when the L train finally arrived, I walk in and sit… and first thing I notice is these two guys (apparently strangers, as the black guy is reading and the other is just people watching). Very hipster-ish outfits and looks…

    So there I go… and snap their photo. Across, sitting at my left, there was a black girl, also a bit hipster… who saw me taking the image and gave me quite a look, but didn’t say anything…

    A few minutes later, it turns out the THREE OF THEM were together… and the girl told them something in French and they started talking (probably about me, as the two guys looked at me briefly while the conversation was going on).

    Hey, if you don’t want your picture taken, don’t be calling attention with those looks, boys!!! :-))))

    L Train,
    From Brooklyn to Manhattan.
    New York

    (Taken with a 3G iPhone)

    Series “What we see on a train” (2 of 5)

  9. I want to close my eyes listening to your sweet voice every night…

    By: Nuhatoa

    And wake up to the sound of your whispers in my ears…

    By: athir

  11. Color Admiring Color

    By: antonkawasaki

    A colorful family stops to look at the window display at the Musuem of Modern Art in NYC.
    I love how the girl’s dress is similar to the neon lights behind the glass!

    MoMA, 53rd St. between 5th & 6th Aves., NYC
    Taken with a 1st gen. iPhone

  12. “Riding East”

    By: sionfullana

    ‘Bikes in the Rain’ Trilogy (3 of 3)

    West Village,
    New York

    Taken with a 3G iPhone


    By: davidteter

    rodeo de galisteo
    galisteo, new mexico

    apple iphone

  14. little boxes

    By: .fenster.

    recent iPhone love.

    Explored 2008-08-05. Thanks for all the iLove y’all! =)

  15. a dawn of a lovely day

    By: devilsclone

    a hope of a wonderful start………taken with an iphone…
  16. Flower Macro on iPhone

    By: tristanmayer

    A flower macro taken on my new iPhone 3GS

Some of these iPhone photos have been digitally edited, but they are impressive nonetheless. Have you taken any good snapshots with your iPhone camera? Or have you seen iPhone photos on Flickr that really caught your eye? Please share in the comments.

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