5 Features Apple Should Add to iPhone 2.0

I know, Apple’s “revolutionary mobile phone” already does a lot. Nevertheless, I’ve compiled a short list of features (with concept images) that I think would give the iPhone a popularity boost and help Apple to sell more phones.

Some of the concepts are reasonable, others not so much. Unfortunately, the ideas are mere brain fodder, but if anything in here sparks your interest, cross your fingers for iPhone 2.0.

1. iPhone pedometer

People already jog with their iPods, and others will likely do the same with their iPhones. Apple should add a pedometer to the iPhone for walkers and joggers to track their exercise progress.

iPhone Pedometer

The iPhone pedometer could measure jogger speed, distance, steps per minute, and calories burned and have a drop-down graph displaying achievements over time. It might even have a feature to let joggers set goals, which it could track.

2. Google GPS

Apple’s iPhone will feature Google Maps. Why not add GPS also? This way drivers (and pedestrians) can know where they are at all times.

iPhone GPS

A GPS-enabled iPhone might even provide updated traffic reports and suggestions for events going on in the area. Motorola offers a GPS service called ViaMoto, but I think Apple could do much better.

3. iPhone radar detector

This one is admittedly a bit ridiculous, but I would love to have a radar detector on the iPhone to alert me of speed traps in the area.

iPhone Radar Detector

If Apple really wanted to get fancy, the iPhone radar detector could integrate with iPhone’s Google GPS for memorizing speed trap locations.

4. iPhone camera flash

I don’t know how Apple could include a camera flash without draining the phone battery, but let’s leave that up to their tech guys. T-Mobile’s Sidekick sports a camera flash so why can’t the iPhone?

iPhone Camera Flash

5. iPhone digital video camera

To the best of my knowledge, the iPhone will not have a video camera. But many of today’s basic mobile phones have video cameras (albeit low-quality ones), so why not iPhone as well?

It’s 2007 and we’re in the middle of a YouTube era. Apple should have taken advantage of the emerging Internet video culture and added a simple video camera to the iPhone.

iPhone Video Camera

What features do you think Apple should add to iPhone 2.0?

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iPhone 2!? Holy cow youre living in the future!!


They should have bluetooth as well. I know it benefits them financially not to, but i’d be more likely to buy one if it did.


I havent seen this mentioned here yet, but RadarActive application does precisely what is described here: interface with a Radar Detector and provide end users with live speed trap information sourced by other radar detector users:

Read more at http://radaractive.com

Great write-up. A startup called Quirky.com makes an iPhone case that includes an integrated flash: http://www.quirky.com/products.....c6b7c10623


I would like to have the ability to have 2 batteries one for charging and the other in the phone. Mine doesnt even last a day.
OR have a long lasting battery.


I saw that Casey Fronczek is offering fishing trips now down in south Florida. Does anybody have any input on these trips or has anyone been on one of these trips before?


i did a video recording on my macbook pro webcam it,s only 1.3 megapixel its very clear & smooth. i believe iphone 3g could be the same because its the same camera. i been told.i could be wrong. try on your mac and see yourself. apple not dumb. hope it like photo booth on a mac




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Video, video, video
Text cut and paste
5.0mp camera


1. Video Recorder w/ audio- unlimited record time
2. Zoom on Camera of some sort
3. Forward text messages
4. Copy and Paste
5. Alarm clock that will ring when the power is off if set.


1. 1seg digital TV tuner
2. Digital FM tuner
3. Camera LED flash, doubles as flashlight
4. GPS functionality
5. a place for cell-phone straps
6. Built-in contactless chip (Suica and Edy)
7. 5.0MP or more camera (2.0MP, don’t make me laugh. that was sooo five years ago here in Japan)


to be honest; to compete and for that price it should at least have the features most phones have these days.


I am surprised why the iPhone i so popular. There re so many better phones out there. Consider, e.g., the Sony Ericsson W960i. It leaves the iPhone far behind!


INSTANT MESSENGER(without the need for downloadable apps) – and support for hotmail.


better quality camera.

the ability to delete pointles(rarely used) pre-installed apps.
-(without hotmail support mail is useless)