5 Features Apple Should Add to iPhone 2.0

I know, Apple’s “revolutionary mobile phone” already does a lot. Nevertheless, I’ve compiled a short list of features (with concept images) that I think would give the iPhone a popularity boost and help Apple to sell more phones.

Some of the concepts are reasonable, others not so much. Unfortunately, the ideas are mere brain fodder, but if anything in here sparks your interest, cross your fingers for iPhone 2.0.

1. iPhone pedometer

People already jog with their iPods, and others will likely do the same with their iPhones. Apple should add a pedometer to the iPhone for walkers and joggers to track their exercise progress.

iPhone Pedometer

The iPhone pedometer could measure jogger speed, distance, steps per minute, and calories burned and have a drop-down graph displaying achievements over time. It might even have a feature to let joggers set goals, which it could track.

2. Google GPS

Apple’s iPhone will feature Google Maps. Why not add GPS also? This way drivers (and pedestrians) can know where they are at all times.

iPhone GPS

A GPS-enabled iPhone might even provide updated traffic reports and suggestions for events going on in the area. Motorola offers a GPS service called ViaMoto, but I think Apple could do much better.

3. iPhone radar detector

This one is admittedly a bit ridiculous, but I would love to have a radar detector on the iPhone to alert me of speed traps in the area.

iPhone Radar Detector

If Apple really wanted to get fancy, the iPhone radar detector could integrate with iPhone’s Google GPS for memorizing speed trap locations.

4. iPhone camera flash

I don’t know how Apple could include a camera flash without draining the phone battery, but let’s leave that up to their tech guys. T-Mobile’s Sidekick sports a camera flash so why can’t the iPhone?

iPhone Camera Flash

5. iPhone digital video camera

To the best of my knowledge, the iPhone will not have a video camera. But many of today’s basic mobile phones have video cameras (albeit low-quality ones), so why not iPhone as well?

It’s 2007 and we’re in the middle of a YouTube era. Apple should have taken advantage of the emerging Internet video culture and added a simple video camera to the iPhone.

iPhone Video Camera

What features do you think Apple should add to iPhone 2.0?

82 thoughts on “5 Features Apple Should Add to iPhone 2.0”

  1. They should have bluetooth as well. I know it benefits them financially not to, but i’d be more likely to buy one if it did.

  2. I havent seen this mentioned here yet, but RadarActive application does precisely what is described here: interface with a Radar Detector and provide end users with live speed trap information sourced by other radar detector users:

    Read more at http://radaractive.com

  3. I would like to have the ability to have 2 batteries one for charging and the other in the phone. Mine doesnt even last a day.
    OR have a long lasting battery.

  4. I saw that Casey Fronczek is offering fishing trips now down in south Florida. Does anybody have any input on these trips or has anyone been on one of these trips before?

  5. i did a video recording on my macbook pro webcam it,s only 1.3 megapixel its very clear & smooth. i believe iphone 3g could be the same because its the same camera. i been told.i could be wrong. try on your mac and see yourself. apple not dumb. hope it like photo booth on a mac

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  7. 1. Video Recorder w/ audio- unlimited record time
    2. Zoom on Camera of some sort
    3. Forward text messages
    4. Copy and Paste
    5. Alarm clock that will ring when the power is off if set.

  8. 1. 1seg digital TV tuner
    2. Digital FM tuner
    3. Camera LED flash, doubles as flashlight
    4. GPS functionality
    5. a place for cell-phone straps
    6. Built-in contactless chip (Suica and Edy)
    7. 5.0MP or more camera (2.0MP, don’t make me laugh. that was sooo five years ago here in Japan)

  9. I am surprised why the iPhone i so popular. There re so many better phones out there. Consider, e.g., the Sony Ericsson W960i. It leaves the iPhone far behind!

  10. INSTANT MESSENGER(without the need for downloadable apps) – and support for hotmail.


    better quality camera.

    the ability to delete pointles(rarely used) pre-installed apps.
    -(without hotmail support mail is useless)

  11. I wish the iphone let us delete only selected recent calls, not all or none. There should also be a way to save sms and other text to folders. I would also like to customize the name of folders for email. Of course, video would be nice. And it should be easier to download pictures into separate folders from a pc to iphone. I know it can be done but I would love a drag and drop feature in the itunes menu. And of course, cut and past would be awesome.

  12. iphone 3G needs video camera capability and the ability to foward text messages. I can’t believe you can’t forward text messages or shoot video!!!








  14. All things mentioned above, my personal preferences: video conferencing, better photocam, videocam, bigger HD, audiorecording and posibility to set recorded sounds as ringtones. Ability to watch TV, I know that sounds kind of crazy, I used to think it was but since that came for free with my new contract and Samsung P960 I tried it a couple of time and I must admit; it adds the “wow” factor when e.g. you are waiting for train.

  15. Apple should add a taser to the iphone like the communicator’s in Star Trek. The streets are getting dangerous.

  16. Oh! And also it shoud ring with a MP3 song, not with a tone! That’s old fashion! hahahaha
    Also in msjs…
    I love this phone because of the desing and some other things, but sometimes I start thinking why dont mac made it better…

  17. Why can’t the battery last longer? Also, I have taken into consideration that many people aren’t capable of comprehending such directions posted on Apple Stores of Websites. I almost don’t understand some things and can’t locate certain applications that it is telling me to access. So, Apple, simple is better.

  18. I was also thinking that the iPhone/iTouch should have a projector keyboard that you could actually type on. I think that would be much more efficient than trying to type on the small letters of an iTouch/iPhone. That would be a great attribute to the Apple multi-touch screen devices. I was also wondering how about not having to pay for everything. Have you ever noticed that you must pay for everything if it wasn’t made for your device? The economic crisis is striking the U.S. and those who aren’t of a high class family who posses a lot of money, should be able to easily buy things for there own enjoying.

  19. First off, I was wondering where to download/buy the iPhone 2.0 software and when would it be coming out? I have an iTouch and I have speculated that the download is only for iPhones and that it is around a ten dollar fee for iTouch users. I was wondering where and when could I access such features of the iPhone 2.0 software.

  20. the apple iphone is the best of te bes mobiles every, no just to brush thngs upa it we must put a good video camera in it with a better battery 🙂
    …and then i think it will be the ultimate phone ever, and u can coat watever price u’ll wan we’ll still buy it…

  21. IPhone should add a simple thing to their Stop watch. For Runners who sprint at intervals, or other uses. You should be able to have the alarm ring at set intervasl, like every 2 minutes or low intetsity, then after that, every 30 seconds for sprints, and repeat. That way I would not have to reset the alarm every time, which is unfeasable. This is a recuring alarm. Or one that anounces the intervals with a human voice, to let runners know how much time has elapsed, without having to touch the phone to silence the alarm. It should play over the music on the iPod.

  22. Hey, adam just thought id let u know the just made an iphone with 3g n its comming this july 11 n their only selling it for a great price of $299 for the 8gb model!

  23. I love every thing about my iphone but as any technological thing it can always be improved. One thing I personaly think Apple should adress is updateing the iphone sooner. With it being updated sooner it would improve it dramaticly having new things added in a shorter amount of time allowing for a lot of these problems to be solved with more ease to both the user and the company. Plus it will make less people want to jail break there phone and mess it up compltly (ive done it once not so fun thanks genius bar big help).

    I think some of the main problems with it is that well lets face it the battry life sucks soo much on the iphone im charging it every night just so i can use it.

    Another think they could easly improve with a simple update is alowing to send messages throught bluetooth and have better capibilities for Texting like every one said picture messaging, Deleting one text message ect.

    One great thing the could improve is having many programs you would have on your computer like office, iwork, ect. to the iphone because lets face it the iphone is like a mini computer and it has so much capibilities but I dont thing that Apple is utilizing the phone to the extent that it could.

  24. I’d love to be able to download digital books (not audiobooks) from itunes store and read them on the iphone. The iphone’s size is ideal, and it would seem to be a win-win situation for Apple and the publishers. Does anybody know why this feature hasn’t been added?

  25. I think this is beyond Apple’s technology, but what if (in a future device, most likely not the iPhone 2.0) but the next device they incorporated a type of projection where you could touch projection in the air? I don’t know it’s just a thought

  26. I want more ringtones, customized text sounds for each person I choose, GPS, more options in texting, like different fonts, colors….sick of the green & white bubbles in chat, video camera, ability to surf web & be on the phone @ same time.

  27. 1. Real GPS with voice guidance
    2. MS Exchange support
    3. Ability to create a ringtone from a song in my library
    4. Better battery life
    5. 5 mp camera with flash
    6. video camera
    7. Surf the web while on a call
    8. Run Flash content on web
    9. Bluetooth

  28. The ability to password protect certain areas, i.e., photos, text area or at least have folders that can be password protected from prying or accidental eyes.

  29. The iphone is wack, yeah why ain’t add some new featured, like the camera flash and the picture messages, and yeah the GPS system is sucks

  30. Here is my suggestion.
    1> GPS/MAP.
    2> MP3 song can use as ringtones and Text tones
    3> 5 MP camera [Flash]/Video Camera.
    4> Bluetooth [A2DP support]pairing with other bluetooth devices.
    5> 3G
    6. Bigger Hard Diss capacity
    7. Can use as storage like USB Flash drive no itunes required
    8. FM Tuner

  31. I would love to see Grouped Ringtones, so when someone in my Family group calls, i’ll hear the ringtone i set just for family members. Each group will have their own ringtone! another one i’d like to see is to have louder speakerphones, i can barely hear my phone when i get a call.

  32. some of the stuff you guys are saying is rediculous, why add a GPS system if maps already does that?, new features will prob have it speaking to you soon.

    why an FM tuner if you can listen to the radio online now adays?.. p.s. FM tuner is stupid, you have an ipod on your phone!!

    i agree that the iphone should have:
    -picture messaging (sms)
    -forward messaging (sms) – high tech phone, with less features?
    -video camera (without having to jailbreak)
    -the accelerometer (the feature that you use when you turn your ipod, and the screen turns to verticle) should be used for SMS as well, bigger keyboard=less mistakes!
    -an even longer battery life, im charging my iphone every night!
    -flash for online videos

  33. If they produced software/technology to enable GPS, it would be nice, interesting, and quite cool to have an option for your contacts that also have an iphone to see your location on the screen (maybe in the form of a push pin). Of course you could turn it off and on at whim, but it would be cool to be able to tell your friends, I am at blank locale and if you want to get here double tap my push pin….

  34. Hi my suggestion is
    1> GPS/MAP.
    2> FM/AM.
    3> 5 MP camera [Flash]/Video Camera.
    4> Bluetooth [A2DP support]pairing with other bluetooth devices.
    5> 3G/3.5G [HSDPA].
    6> DUN Modem.
    7> Game

  35. 1- MMS
    2- Vidio recording
    3- Bluetooth with other devices
    4- Erase individual call history aspects
    5- Battery life

  36. 1.) a pedometer can easily be published through the app store, a feature apple is without-a-doubt adding to the 2.0 firmware update
    2.) google gps is already features in firmware 1.3 & up
    3.) its illegal for apple to include a feature into the iphone that helps people to avoid police. & it is impossible for this feature to be added to already-owned phones since it would require special IR technology that is not included & must be installed via factory
    4.) same thing, you can’t add a camera flash to a phone that’s alrady been shipped
    5.) they might do a firmware update for the camera to record video too, if that’s possible idk

  37. I had my iphone for less than a week before returning it. I bought the 8gb model on friday… by monday the 16gb was out and nobody at the store told me I may want to wait. I felt like I got suckered into it, and then the little flaws became completely unacceptable. I paid the 47.00 re-stocking fee and will wait for the next Iphone that corrects the deficits I have listed below.

    1.0 Iphone as a modem. Need to be able to use Iphone as a modem USB or BT with broadband like speed.
    1.1 TRUE GPS, not the google/cell tower low tech fix. Also needs to talk and provide spoken drving directions with re-route.
    2. Video Camera. I think they intentionally left this out because of the burden it would place on the ATT data services. It would not be cost effective for iphone users to be transmitting and downloading vids all the time. Also it would accentuate the low-battery life that already plagues these units. This is inexcusable in an era where free phones come with video cams built in.
    3. Flash capability. Safari browser is not truly a “real” version until it is as robust as the mac/pc version that supports Flash. This is inexcusable. Again this is probably due to bandwidth. The major selling point is the internet – it is the “I” in Iphone. It should be able to access it fully.
    4. Bluetooth/WiFi sync – How could they leave this out? Oh yeah – battery life. Which brings me to…
    5. Improvements to battery life / removable batteries. Apple suggests disabling all the features that make the iPhone worth having in order to achieve parity with mediocre competitors battery life. Need a solution that allows for all features (wifi, bt, playing music, etc) to be used without running out of power. I’d be willing to swap out batteries. Sony made a minidisc player a decade ago that runs for over 24 hours on a single AA battery. The darn thing mechanically spun a disc and powered a laser. Come on Apple… you guys are innovators. This too… inexcusable.
    6. Ability to create your own ringtones without being violated and having to pay 99 cents for a fraction of a song that was already purchased. Apple has successfully disabled this ability on even most of the third party/aftermarket workarounds. Be prepared to pay for songs again if you want custom ringtones!
    7. Larger storage. Even 16gb is not enough.
    8. Removable storage.
    9. Widgets/gadgets on iphone as opposed to webapps. Would be great to have the gas prices widget on the iphone – then tap on the place and have the TRUE GPS route me with spoken directions to the gas station from the widget.
    10. Ability to install mac applications.
    11. Ability to download/upload applications
    12. Multi-task. Be on the phone and surf the web. Currently will not allow.
    13. Erase individual call history aspects.
    14. Video -conference
    15. Ichat.

  38. I have a nokia n95 and i will buy iphone once there is gps and 5mp+ camera i ll buy it immediately and i think they should take advantage of the accelometre to make a pedometre. 16gb hard disk is cool and very cheap phone worth $500.

  39. ok I got my iPhone for Christmas because I liked the touch over the other iPods, so paying $100 more for the iPhone seemed like a better idea. I like it but I sort of expected more. (1) it should have games like tetras or something. Even the iPods have games. (2) it should definitely have a video camera. Why be able to have a direct link to youtube and not even be able to post videos? (3) and it should have aim. (4) being able to access your iTunes library would be really cool too. (5) I guess you can only create picture categories on your computer. That’s kind of dumb. (6) and apple should look into a way to increase battery life. It sucks to have to charge it all the time. But all in all the iPhone is pretty cool. I like it a lot. Its just that I expected a little bit more.

  40. It would be amazing if Apple came out with some GPS software that I could install in my Land Rover. Most new vehicles have very bad GPS software to say the least. If apple could put their simplistic interface to it, they would make so much money. Every vehicle manufacturer would be knocking down there door. It could also be incorporated into the iPhone, iPod touch, you name it.

    Cut/Paste would be huge and a video camera. The camera does video but it just doesn’t record it. All it needs is software to do it. A video on the screen side would be nice for video conferencing like my MacBook Pro. How bout they throw in a Skype application to boot.

  41. Put GPS on it and I will buy it for my whole family. It is a mandatory personal security level for our children. Otherwise I will wait until GPS is on it.

  42. HOW COULD I FORGET!?!?!!? The biggest feature I would LOVE to have is the ability to record audio. It would be awesome if there was GarageBand with single track support so I could record sessions anywhere. 8GB is enough space and recording a single track without monitoring support wouldn’t be too intensive, why not?

  43. I gotta start by saying you have the some REALLY good ideas. I got a good laugh out of the radar detector idea which I would have never thought of in a million years but would definitely love to have. These are some features I would like
    – Remote Control mode, allow iPhone to act as a keyboard and mouse for a bluetooth machine, iTv, windows media center, normal televisions.
    – Airport Express WIFI Audio Support
    – Bluetooth Sync & Stereo Support
    – Down from iTunes via multiple protocols
    – Better email integrate, sync deletions and read indicators

  44. I’m an AT&T/Cingular subscriber, although I was going to educate myself before I purchase an i-phone, now that I just learned from you, non-fanboy, that it doesn’t have a video cam., I change my mind. Thanx

  45. I have a Garmin talking GPS unit that I just love…the iPhone would make me smile from ear to ear if it could talk me into wherever I was going, much like my Garmin GPS unit does! PLEASE Steve – listen to the masses! Add $100 to the price and give us talking GPS!

  46. I wish the iphone had a video camera and also be able to use different ringtones! I have a 8GB iphone that I paid over $600.00 and u can’t do a whole lot with, if I knew I would not have bought the iphone!

  47. Cut and Paste!
    I waited for the iphone instead of buying a blackberry, and while I love typing on it for texts and emails (the keypad works really well and I think a lot of complaints come from thumb-wizard stock-trader balckberry owners and hype-haters), CUT and PASTE functionality would be a huge help.
    Also a better interface for email, where you can send multiple photos.

  48. Although it sounds like everyone hit on the main points, it would have been nice to have basic functionality that make use a lot easier.
    1. Text highlight for cut/copy/paste
    2. Drop down menus
    3. Screen rotate for texting & emailing
    3. Better integration with MS exchange
    4. iChat functionality
    5. Text positioning arrows
    6. Shift keys for symbols rather than a separate menu, which adds more time to type
    7. All the other major items mentioned ( video, fm/am, mms, more memory, etc)

    Hopefully most of these can be changed with software updates to add the functionality the market is demanding.

    Even with all of these missing pieces, the phone is a lot closer than any other product on the market. Apple does well at perfecting the products they make, but you can’t please everyone.

  49. Great idea for a GPS feature on Google Maps. There is also Google Ride Finder. So with both features you’d know the relative location between you and the nearest taxi. No more chasing down taxis when you’re out of town!

  50. K couple things:

    1) Video camera w/ upload to Youtube
    2) camera on screen-side for video conferencing
    3) GPS
    4) itunes on the iphone (to download shows and music from the phone itself)
    5) MMS! (rediculous that it doesnt have it)
    6) TV tuner and AM/FM radio
    7) wireless syncing with Outlook Exchange Server
    8) Macromedia Flash viewer

    Extra cool stuff:
    1) Projector:)
    (if not on the iphone, a projector dock would be cool – OH OOPS! they have that: http://www.engadget.com/2007/03/12/viewsonics-pj258d-projector-with-ipod-dock-reviewed/)

  51. The iPhone already has GPS on it. I watched a video about it on Apple the other day. It showed a route to get to a restraunt and also calculated traffic

  52. 4 GB of music is nano. Thousands will flood the gates to pick up the new iPhone, but many more are waiting for the 30 GB models. For the first round, Apple could have done well by offering removable storage. An integrated GPS would have also gone a long way, but the absence of 3G capabilities is the real stinger for me. Lacking this is enough for me to carry around my iPod and my phone for some time into the future until Apple figures out their mistake.

  53. They already have a video camera..but it’s only 2.0MP. They should come out w/ a 5.0MP video cam like Nokia N95 that have everyone buzzing.

  54. I believe that a true GPS would have made such on be impact on the purchaser. we live in a mobile society, most 10 miles away from job. look at the popularity of saying let meet at 30.05523 /090.88254. storing all your friend and resurrant gps address. you might visit more.

    Second with the addition of a removable digital memory like SD or memory stick, look at the fun, convenent, simplisity. plus putting in new information etc.

    wireless two way ear piece for for improve communication especially while driving or searching…notedictation reminder etc. plus it choice opt to be not totally isolated from surrounding.

    FM tuning receiving and tranmitting, the best will alway be mp3 tune, but the public will use it like crazy.
    iPhone being use visually or audiably or both yours choices.

  55. Apple should incorporate Fingerprint recognizing technology. Aart from being the soon to be most popular phone on the market it will probably also be the most stolen phone as well. Since they are using touch screen technology already why not put the extra feature for security reasons!

  56. a bigger harddrive, fm tuner (even though i hate the radio and think music is much better) 3g wireless and other stuff i can’t fathom cuz apple is better than me


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