An Echoing iPhone & My Trip to the Genius Bar

Apple Store, Miami, The Falls

I went to the Apple Store yesterday because of a problem I had with my iPhone, which produced a supposedly annoying echo in my voice that drove my callers nuts.

The Apple Store in The Falls mall in Miami is always packed. Even at 2 in the afternoon, the place was a zoo, so I got on the standby list for the Genius Bar and had to wait two hours because I didn’t have an appointment.

Thankfully, I was entertained by my sister, who joined me along with her Macbook, which had a damaged battery.

The Genius, who was friendly as are all the Geniuses I’ve met, placed a call to the back of the store using my iPhone to test the echo. When no one answered his call, he told me, “Never mind. I’ll just give you a new one, since you’ve waited so long.”

Within minutes I had yet another shiny new iPhone, the sixth one I’ve ever owned.

My sister, on the other hand, was not so lucky. They failed to archive her operating system properly, so they kept it overnight and she will pick it up today.

Although my iPhones have had their problems, I have overall been pleased with the service I’ve received at the Apple Store.

What has your experience been with the Apple Store Geniuses?

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  1. Hi,Anyone I do not reside in the USA.I had to take out my sim card as my iphone had frozen.The sim card holder will no longer go into the slot.Anyone has experienced this and can assist?Thanks John


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