Apple Facing Pre-Release iPhone Problems?

Research firm iSuppli’s checks with iPhone component makers suggest that the iPhone may be experiencing software problems, as evidenced by Apple’s redistribution of resources last week from the now-delayed Leopard OS to the iPhone.

“We’re hearing it’s mostly an issue with the complexity of the device,” said iSuppli analyst Jagdish Rebello. Rebello said Apple is dealing with problems discovered late in the testing phase.

Envisioneering Group head Richard Doherty said Apple is striving for “ambitious features” on the iPhone, which may have caused the Leopard delay.

“Apple wants to get it right the first time,” he said. He added that he previewed the iPhone and noticed no obvious problems with it.

Apple said the iPhone has passed several key tests required before it can be used on the AT&T cellular network, suggesting that the company’s troubles may be merely a matter of patching up minor glitches on the iPhone.

… via electronista.

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