Save Your $$$: Don’t Buy Cardboard iPhone on eBay

Don’t be the idiot who pays $200+ for this cardboard iPhone that’s selling on eBay with 55 bidders so far and over 2 days left to bid.

It’s not that the cardboard iPhone replica is a scam or that the seller is unreliable. It’s just that, believe it or not, the cardboard iPhone does not have a multi-touch screen, and it can’t make phone calls, play media, or go online.

The winning bidder is sure going to have a lot to talk about with his friends in June when he doesn’t have the dough to shell out for a real iPhone because he wasted it all on this piece of junk.

Cardboard iPhone

2 thoughts on “Save Your $$$: Don’t Buy Cardboard iPhone on eBay”

  1. What the hell?

    “… wasted it all …”
    The auction is like, 2,99$ + Shipping. That’s about 10$, no biggie. Also, the most sellers inform the buyer about it not being a real iPhone and just a cardboard copy.


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