Cheap iPhone on eBay: But Not for Long

iPhone on eBay

Now may be the best time to get a cheap iPhone on eBay. Since the iPhone came out, eBay sellers have struggled to sell the item at high profits on the online auction site, for a couple of reasons:

  • The iPhone is still available at a lot of Apple retail stores.

  • A flood of iPhone “scalpers” has made supply so high on eBay that it’s driven down the price and allowed for more cheap iPhone offers.

But Apple Stores are starting to run low on iPhones, and the first wave of eBay iPhone sellers — who were limited to just two iPhone purchases — is closing up shop.

That means it won’t be long before the US has a shortage on iPhones, and demand will surge and drive up prices.

So if you want to find a cheap iPhone (or at least a reasonably priced one) on eBay, you better get bidding soon.

4 thoughts on “Cheap iPhone on eBay: But Not for Long”

  1. hi guys
    some on get me a 3G iphone quick, oh sorry for the harsh words but am just eager to get myself one. thnx ve a nyc de

  2. haha or you could wait 2 months and the price drop will be by $200. or you could wait a year and the price drop will be another $200 for a 3G speed, 8 gig with GPS iphone. lmfaooo i laugh and pity the fools.


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