Cingular Ad: Why So Shoddy?

Just about all of you who’ve commented on the Cingular iPhone ad are highly skeptical. I don’t blame you.

You guys are right: the design is completely unprofessional. The fonts are off, the spacing is awkward. Hell, the iPhone prices don’t even match the previously stated prices, (although I did post a few weeks ago about some analysts’ predictions that the iPhone prices would drop).

Nevertheless, the “ad” – or whatever you want to call it – was part of a Pinecone consumer research survey. My guess is that someone put this together quickly perhaps because the focus was supposed to be on the content rather than the design.

I showed Gizmodo‘s Brian Lam the Cingular ad and he said that “the changes are what are critical” and that the research is most likely “standard marketing to check the results of the shifts in pricing.”

Anyway, I don’t ever expect to see this design out anywhere. But I’m really crossing my fingers that Cingular keeps those iPhone prices and rate plans. I’m sure some of it depends on the reactions they receive to the consumer surveys.

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