Developer Defies Apple Over Pocket PC iPhone Emulator

A Malaysian software developer named Youmolo caused a stir when he posted a video on YouTube demonstrating some iPhone emulator software he had built for his Pocket PC.

Disappointed about not having seen any download links to the software on Youmolo’s blog, many visitors urged him to distribute the iPhone emulator. Youmolo turned down the request, “because I’ll get sued,” he said.

The next day YouTube removed Youmolo’s video as per Apple’s request. Apple also sent a cease & desist letter to Youmolo demanding that he stop developing/distributing the software.

Now a Polish lawyer has posted Youmolo’s Pocket PC iPhone emulator on his site, insisting that Apple has no right to claim copyright on the icons or wallpaper images.

Do they? What do you think?

…via PC World.

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