Do You Use an iPhone Case? [Reader Poll]

As you may know, I recently cracked my iPhone screen and had to pay $250 to get a replacement.

Now I’ve decided it’s time to get myself a case to prevent future iPhone damage, and I’m wondering:


Update: The poll is now closed. Thanks to those who voted.

Please feel free to add your input in the comments, and let us know what case (if any) you use. Thanks for sharing!

7 thoughts on “Do You Use an iPhone Case? [Reader Poll]”

  1. I got an Iphone 4 this summer. I finally got the new otterbox case for it which arrived yesterday (from Amazon). It is the sturdiest case I have had. I had the otterbox lighter version for my GS3 after I had broken the glass twice. It too was good. This new case is the defender series. I haven’t heard much about glass breakage on the GS4. Has there been much said about this? The new case does not fit into my old waist band carrier which I liked, but it does have it’s own clip and it works well. I gave my older case to another family member. I try very hard not to drop my phone, but no matter how hard, I have dropped it a few times since I got it. Both my old phone and new one have been in a case and it’s a good thing. Until I just got my new case I used an older one which was protective, but it was a little big for the new phone so I taped it on the top to keep it from slipping out, but the camera flash was covered. So I am very happy with the new Otterbox defender case.

  2. I use a hard, thick leather case and an invisashield and still the glass shattered from the corner out. If you don’t handle this device as if it is an egg, be prepaired to pay to repair

  3. I’ve got the Incase in black, and a plastic screen protector, but after reading your story, I’m thinking I might want something a bit more substantial. Got any recommendations from your readers?

  4. I just bought the “Invisible Shield” after reading a review from CES 2008. The company that makes it is called “Zagg.” My screen is broken, so I am still trying to work out the particulars with Apple to see if I can get my screen replaced. Once I get my screen replaced, I will put the “Invisible Shield” on my iPhone.

    Hope that helps.

  5. I’ve always used a case on my smartphones. I figure when I spent $649 for my Treo 650, why risk it from a drop if a cheap case could protect it? Ditto for my iPods, and now iPhone. It’s a small price to pay.

    And my iPhone in a Speck rubberized case (that snaps in and out of a holster clip) has been droped DOZENS of times on concrete and has no damage. I also have a screen protector on it (which I put on all my electronics with screens).

    Having a case may have saved you $250.


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