First iPhone Shipments Made to US

The first shipments of the Apple iPhone were transported to airports around the US this weekend by “a certain Hong Kong-based air courier, which services Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco,” reports AppleInsider.

iPhone FedEx Truck

Apple reportedly shipped the phones ahead of time in order to allow for smooth clearance of the devices through customs.

Armed guards hired by the Cupertino tech company awaited iPhone shipments, making sure that packages made it safely into FedEx trucks that were assigned the duty of getting Apple’s much sought-after iPhones to AT&T stores by 6pm on June 29.

As I write this, many Apple Store and AT&T stockrooms may be home to newly-arrived iPhone shipments, which is why Apple has banned cameras and cellphones (and you) from entering stockrooms prior to the iPhone’s release date.

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