Has a Firmware Update Stopped Safari from Crashing?

I wrote a post a year ago talking about my frustration with iPhone’s Safari app crashing. To my surprise, a lot of you were experiencing the same issue with the browser suddenly closing while loading a website.

Recently, though, a couple people left comments on that article saying Safari hasn’t crashed since the new firmware update 2.2.1. I’ve been paying attention, and I realize iPhone’s Safari app hasn’t crashed on me in a long time either.

Looking at the traffic reports for this site, the visitors to my original article on Safari crashing have decreased by half, probably because people aren’t searching for the problem on Google anymore.

Does Safari still crash on your iPhone?

4 thoughts on “Has a Firmware Update Stopped Safari from Crashing?”

  1. Mine still crashes, specially when I try to enter some data, for instance, when I’ve tried to unsubscribe from a mailing list. I’ve tried to free memory from the phone and still crashed. 🙁 That’s on 2.2.1.

  2. Safari runs well after upgrading to 2.2.1, but why can’t apple release patchs instead of new firmware updates for just fixing some stupid bugs? i need to re-jailbreak my iphone again after upgrading…

  3. it still crashes for me… But I’m still running 2.1 🙂 I was hoping to wait till apple added some new features to update, copy & paste would be original, but I just can’t take the crashing and it really bogs down sometimes when I type into a webpage…. It gets so ducking laggy my god and then it just crashes! So 2.2.1 doesn’t do this shit anymore?


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