Hugh Hefner Unveils “iPlayboy” for iPhone


No joke: Hugh Hefner today unveiled iPlayboy, “a collection of hot pics, video and sounds specifically tailored to your new iPhone.”

iPlayboy is, according to, “the next best thing to having Playmates on speed dial.” Now you pervs can take your materials with you wherever you go. 😆 But don’t get too excited: all the iPlayboy media is non-nude.

Who hasn’t capitalized on the iPhone hype these days?

1 thought on “Hugh Hefner Unveils “iPlayboy” for iPhone”

  1. Gee…who would have thought that the barbie doll of the cellphone world – looks like a twit and thinks like a twit – would be able to support the software of a pimp for mysogynist, immature iTards.


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