7 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Your iPhone

A little over a decade ago, the T-Mobile Sidekick revolutionized adolescent communication. I remember my sister, an early Sidekick adopter, was reprimanded nightly at the dinner table by my father: “Get off that thing already!”

I remember feeling like a disturbing new era was upon us, one in which we would abandon communication with those beside us in favor of chit-chat with those on the other end of our digital devices.

After the Sidekick came the Blackberry — or “Crackberry” — with its BBM (Blackberry Messenger) client, the more adult version of the Sidekick’s chat client, and our society’s digital dependence deepened.

These days, I am more like my once-teenage sister than I care to admit.

Does your mobile device have a firm grip on you? Consider these 7 signs you might be addicted to your iPhone:

#1. You sleep with your iPhone under your pillow, or on your bed.

A Pew Research study found that an astonishing 90% of 18-29 year olds sleep with their mobile phone in or beside their bed. This statistic makes the case that we are all, at least a little, addicted to our smartphones.

#2. You regularly scroll through your screen while sitting down for a meal.

What ever happened to savoring a meal and good conversation at the table? Increasingly, the conversations we are having at dinnertime are with people we’re texting on our iPhones.

#3. You can’t go a day without posting a picture of your food on Facebook or Instagram.

When every mundane detail of your life must be documented to the point that you are rarely present in the actual experience, then surely you are addicted to your iPhone.

#4. You feel anxious if you don’t have your iPhone on you.

Who doesn’t know the feeling of inexplicable anxiety that comes with forgetting or losing your phone somewhere? A couple of decades ago everyone got by without mobile communication devices, but today we can barely manage to run an errand without one.

#5. You run out of battery by lunchtime.

If you’re so hooked on social media, texting, and browsing on your iPhone that you can’t make it a few hours into the day without draining your iPhone battery, then you’re probably addicted to your iPhone.

#6. You can’t sit down on the toilet without your iPhone in-hand.

Admit it, Facebooking while pooping is one of your favorite pastimes. Addicted.

#7. Your loved ones regularly have to remind you to “get off your phone.”

Most disturbing is the reality that when we are glued to our phones, we are often times neglecting quality time with our friends, family members, and other members of society that we could be getting to know.

As useful as your iPhone can be, the prospect of iPhone addiction threatens to undermine your relationships and your genuine enjoyment of life. Consider the above signs that you may be addicted to your iPhone and check your smartphone habit before it becomes a real problem.

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