iPhone Auto-Correct FAIL: “WhiteHouse” to “Wh*rehouse”

I was watching the White House Youth Clean Energy Economy Forum on WhiteHouse.gov/LIVE yesterday, and as I was sending a text message to my sister about the event, I was set back by my iPhone’s recommended correction:

iPhone white house to whorehouse

I laughed and clicked X, of course.

But it got past my friend, an employee of Campus Progress who was actually at the event when he shared this with his thousands of followers on Twitter AND Facebook:

iPhone autocorrection for whitehouse: whorehouse

Embarrassing, I’m sure, but hilarious.

6 thoughts on “iPhone Auto-Correct FAIL: “WhiteHouse” to “Wh*rehouse””

  1. I can confirm that this used to work. I was at work with a million dollar client from out of town. His daughter lived near Reston, VA where we were.

    She texted him, “Where do you want to meet up when you’re here?”.

    He replied, “Let’s go to the whitehouse”.

    I’ll never forget the look of total shock on his face when he saw what AutoCorrect changed it to when he hit Send. Priceless memory. Priceless autocorrect. I confirmed that mine did it too at the time. I also confirmed that Apple has fixed the mistake(?).

  2. This is fake I just tried this and I dont have autocorrect on my phone fail it doesnt work tryin to generate false buzz


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