“iPhone HD” Image Travels Through Twitter: Here’s Why It’s a Fake

There’s an image going around the Twitterverse that purports to be a promotional poster from behind the scenes of today’s WWDC, and according to the image the next iPhone is called the “iPhone HD.”

iPhone HD

Is it Real?

In my opinion, there’s no way this is Apple’s design. Here’s why, based on my own judgment and what some people on Twitter have pointed out:

  • The font used for the “iPhone HD” headline is much too bold, and the letter spacing is oddly wide.
  • “smarter, better, faster” is lower case and missing punctuation, unlike most copy used on Apple.com.
  • The multicolored iPhones in the bottom left corner are not centered.
  • Why would Apple use the BACK of the iPhone as the photo’s main focal point?
  • The subtle swirling lines in the image suggest this is a photo of someone’s computer screen.

Smells like a shameless hoax to me. What do you think? Is the poster certainly real or an obvious fake?

1 thought on ““iPhone HD” Image Travels Through Twitter: Here’s Why It’s a Fake”

  1. I agree that it is not real. The name, iPhone HD, may in the end be correct, but Apple’s graphic design is better than this. You are also right that the back would not be the main focus of this kind of promotion
    (unless the front looks so similar to current models that it doesn’t look “new”).


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