iPhone May Infringe on Quantum Research Patents

Quantum Research

Southampton-based Quantum Research is keeping an eye on iPhone because it thinks the mobile device’s touch sensors may infringe on its patents.

“The description of the iPhone suggests it uses a rear-surface touch screen and has proximity sensing which can tell if it is held to the ear. That’s a QR capability,” said Duncan Bryan, Quantum licensing director.

If Apple uses “charge transfer technology” in its iPhone, then it has infringed on Quantum’s patent, according to Bryan.

Quantum currently sells touch-sensor chips to Apple for use in some of its products. Evidently, the company doesn’t want to be shortchanged by Apple with the iPhone, which may use Quantum-patented technology but not Quantum chips.

Quantum is currently pursuing a lawsuit against Apple for infringing on its patented capacitive touch-sensing technology used in some iPod clickwheels, and it is prepared to file another lawsuit if iPhone does in fact infringe on its other patents.

Apple’s got its hands full with lawsuits these days, huh?

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