iPhone Price to Drop

iPhoneAnalysts expect the price of the Apple iPhone to start dropping soon after the device is released in June. iSupply senior analyst Andrew Rassweiler predicted a “$229.85 hardware and manufacturing cost and a $245.83 total expense, yielding a 50.7 percent margin on each unit sold at the $499 retail price.”

Apple will initially sell their iPhone units at $499 and $599 to take advantage of the “must-have” buzz surrounding the release, Rassweiler predicted. Price cuts, he said, are inevitable.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone Price to Drop”

  1. yes it does make me mad that i paid full retail for my 8gb iphone and now they lowered the price just for the holidays. it would be nice if i got back a 100.00 dollar rebate .

  2. Well, this is the thanks I get for buying Apple products for the past twenty years. Not only do you drop the price by 200.00 but,you only give me 100.00 back to spend in your store. As far as I’m concerned, you are calling every Iphone customer that paid full price an Idiot. I will not ever set foot in one of your stores again.

    That’s my story.

  3. Is Andrew Rassweilier a mind reader or an insider? He was so right had he only predicted the backlash Apple is receiving because of the price drop. I think it is undeserved backlash. The early adopters didn’t care about the price that is why they stood in line for hours on end to buy it. So that the price is dropped now should be of no consequence to them. They will still be known as the first adopters.


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