Is the White iPhone Intended Primarily for Women?

Chinese website has just revealed a photo of what appears to be two models of the next-generation iPhone, and one of them is in a previously unseen white. I came across this story on the Mashable Facebook Page and noticed the thread sparked a discussion on whether the white model is intended to appeal to women.

White iPhone for Women?

One commenter opined, “The 4G coming out in white will appeal to more women,” while another retorted, “I know men with white iPhones. Maybe it has something to do with potentially leaving it in the car and heat?”

The question sparked my curiosity. I have always gotten the black iPhone model without ever really thinking about it. But I don’t think white is necessarily a “girl color.” After all, I own a white car and have never been made fun of because of it.

What do you think?

Is the white iPhone intended for women? Gentlemen, do you own a white iPhone? Ladies, would you judge a man with a white iPhone to be “effeminate”? Let me know what you think in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Is the White iPhone Intended Primarily for Women?”

  1. I bought my iPhone 4S 32GB factory unlocked in white, I chose white not only because it looks better, but also because it retains higher resell value if I were to sell it. I honestly think the black iPhone (any generation) in black is just plain dull and boring and in no way unique, if it gets dirty you will more than likely not see it and more people already have the black iPhone. The white 4 or 4S just simply looks cleaner by itself, if it gets dirty at all you will immediately notice it and are more likely to clean it (just as most men that buy expensive white shoes) and in turn you end up taking much better care of the phone in the long run and also if you look at buying a used white 4 or 4S, you will notice that the white model is selling for more than any black model. I have actually converted mine to dark/royal navy blue so I now have blue glass instead of white, but between black and white I would definitely go with white no questions asked. But if you want to call an iPhone a “girl” phone then it would be one that has pink glass (and yes ive done pink iPhone 4/4S for alot of my female customers)

  2. I recently bought a white iPhone and I’m a straight male. I think I was probably influenced by seeing the white phone in a lot of ads and magazine articles/covers. I wanted something different from the black phone and I thought the white phone looked very nice. I don’t care if someone thinks it looks feminine. That’s their hang up (pun!) not mine.

  3. I own a white I phone. Bought it just because I was boarded with black phones. I would not be the type of guy to wear a pink shirt the white I phone is just something different than black. I would have rather had a stainless steel phone and I might change it to that soon with a kit off eBay.

  4. I’m sorry, weren’t the original iPods white? And both men and women bought them? Never heard anyone say that white is for girls back then… This is such a stupid non-question.

  5. I don’t think either shade is for guys or girls but looking at a white iphone it looks a little more feminine and possibly aimed more at the female population (why would you want black like all the guys haha) but nothing wrong with that. i prefer black only because it looks more like a phone and more professional as opposed to white which i think highschoolers would use lol.

    but no it doesn’t make you any less of a man for choosing white anything, phone, car, house, clothes, shoes.

  6. I am a girl and I really think color choice is up to each individual! I have seen so many different skins for the iphone being used by both sexes so I think anyone can have which ever color without the fear of being judged! I have a white case just because it’s easier to spot my phone when I set it down! I can also see where white would attract less heat!

  7. How ridiculous. My daughter’s boyfriend has a white I phone and I doubt he feels it is effeminate. Maybe PINK or PURPLE, but not white. Sometimes unless one want to wait for a black on, the only ones available might be white.


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