Meizu M8 vs. iPhone: Are the Phones Clones?

Here are some photo renderings of the supposed Meizu M8 phone, a nearly identical iPhone clone said to have:

  • WinCE 6.0
  • 3-megapixel camera
  • 3.3-inch VGA+ screen
  • GSM support
  • TV-out, and more.

No one is sure whether these Meizu M8 concepts are real or fake, because Meizu has “borrowed features” from other products in the past.

My guess is that the concepts are fake. Meizu would have had to work their butts off to engineer an iPhone look-alike so quickly. Plus, if you look closely, you’ll notice on the photo below the Meizu logo on the M8 is of lower quality than the rest of the image:

Meizu M8

Check out 3 more M8 images after the jump.

Meizu M8 vs. iPhone; a Comparison

Meizu M8

Possible M8 Concepts

Meizu M8

Press-Friendly Looking Meizu M8 Photo

Meizu M8

Apparently, there’s a discussion going on about the Meizu M8 over at the China-based Meizu forums, but I don’t speak Chinese, so I posted a thread over at the English Meizu forums. If anyone knows anything, you guys can post on there – or on the Chinese forums if you speak Chinese.


9 thoughts on “Meizu M8 vs. iPhone: Are the Phones Clones?”

  1. will the meizu work here in the states and is there a newer version coming out in 2010 and in what month should i wait how much will newer one be

  2. yes, the concepts are fake, not worse but much better!
    the look and gui are improved a lot in the released version.
    i just ordered one on a website(chinese).

  3. to Elio, the 8g meizu M8 costs RMB2380, 16G meizu m8 costs RMB2880. the appearance of Meizu M8 have been improved very much

  4. i would like to know if it will work in the USA. USA uses 1800Hz band. Also where can u buy the product.
    Website will be helpful

  5. if someone buys the meizu and goes around telling people that they have the iphone, they are just cheap bastards.. HERE I COME MEIZU “iphone”. HAHA!!!


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