Mystery 12th App: YouTube on iPhone?

The iPhone “How To” commercial reveals on the phone’s home screen the presence of a 12th mystery app, as discovered by Dr. Macenstein earlier this week.

Whereas the iPhone we’ve been seeing since January shows two rows of 4 icons and one of 3, the iPhone ad showed a third row with 4 icons, as if the icons had been shifted over to make room for a 12th:

iPhone YouTube

After Macenstein revealed the slip-up, Apple edited the ad on its website to show only 3 icons in that last row.

Now Gizmodo is pointing out the possibility of the 12th icon being a YouTube app.

“YouTube has been going crazy converting all their video to the H.264 codec. The iPhone supports H.264, as do iPods,” writes Gizmodo’s Mark Wilson. He added that a couple “quasi-reliable” sources confirmed this rumor.

YouTube on the iPhone might make the device more appealing to the youth market. But how slow would streaming video be without 3G?

4 thoughts on “Mystery 12th App: YouTube on iPhone?”

  1. Ad1 still shows 4 in the close-up:

    Ad2 the closeup doesn’t show the whole row so you can’t tell. Ad3 only has three. Ad4 the close up doesn’t show the last row at all.

    Perhaps Apple didn’t “change” anything — just some ads used a different (more revealing) close-up. But as of today, you can still see the four in Ad1’s close-up.

  2. The ones I am seeing on the website look the same. First image shows the 3 on the last row, but when it cuts to the close up you see four on the last row.


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