No More Unlimited Data for iPhone on AT&T: Does it Tick You Off?

iPhone No More Unlimited Data AT&T

Thought unlimited data on your iPhone was too good to be true? It is now. AT&T has removed the option of unlimited data for smart phones and will begin charging new users based on how much data they use.

There are two new plans available for smart phone users. One, dubbed DataPro, offers 2GB of data per month for $25. If you go over, you are charged another $25. A second plan offers 200MB of data per month for $15, and if you exceed it, you’ll pay another $15 for 200 more megabytes.

This sucks if you ask me. Part of the magic of having an iPhone is the ability to do anything at any time without having to worry about data charges. Now, iPhone users will be forced to pay more to ration their data use, instead of AT&T paying more to upgrade its damn network already. What’s more, US iPhone users don’t have the choice to switch to another carrier because of AT&T and Apple’s exclusivity deal. This is not progress, it is regress, as Cult of Mac writer John Brownlee accurately points out:

&%$@ you, AT&T. Has there ever been a more worthless telecom? After three full years of supplying terrible service to their iDevice customers and skimping at every turn on using their profit from iPhone contracts to substantially improve their 3G networks, they’re now raising prices for inferior service. — Opinion: AT&T’s New Data Plans Make iPhone Look Worse Than Android

Time to go to Android on Verizon, where you can get unlimited data for $29.99. Either that or jailbreak/unlock your iPhone and use another carrier.

What’s Your Opinion?

Does it bother you that AT&T has removed the unlimited data plan for iPhone? Is it enough to make you switch to Android? Let me know what you think in the comments.

3 thoughts on “No More Unlimited Data for iPhone on AT&T: Does it Tick You Off?”

  1. Yesterday,I put myself on a list at Radio Shack for the new Iphone 4. I’ll probably keep the unlimited policy, but I may end up eventually going to the data plan. Meanwhile, My son has my first iphone, and I bought a G3S for my husband. I know they don’t use a lot of data if any at all, so I got them both the $15.00 data plan, so instead of paying $30 for one phone, I’ll be paying $30 for two phones. I am trading in my G3S for the new phone and I won’t be charged anything for that trade in. Radio Shack is the only one I know of that has a trade in policy. I got a survey from ATT today and essentially I said it would be nice if the cell companies could have a policy like most landline phone… one price fits all. It would make life a lot simpler. The cost of owning a cell phone is really getting expensive especially if there is more than one data phones in the same family.

  2. It SUCKS!!! I was hoping for a family plan for data instead. Like my gas and electric bill it looks like nit picking. AT&T isn’t raking enough as it is? Is there some way to object??

  3. Once again this is the BS that these mega corps pull. As is the money we pay monthly isn’t enough to pay for unlimited data. And I would really appreciate it if Apple got off there behinds and voiced their discontent since AT&T is the only carrier they contracted with.
    I just purchased my iPhone a few weeks ago and i would not have jumped in with knowledge of what was coming down the pike.
    This really has pissed me off!


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