Photos Taken on an iPhone: All But Confirmed (See Proof)

iPhone Camera Photo

Two photos presumably taken with an Apple iPhone surfaced on Flickr last Saturday, as revealed by MobileGuerilla.

There’s been ongoing speculation about whether the photos were actually taken on an iPhone. I looked into it and now have proof (or at least very strong evidence) that they were.

The photos have since been removed, but searching the Flickr member’s photo album for “Cupertino,” the location of Apple’s headquarters, reveals a photo of her office, and a “cupertino” tag in the right sidebar.

Apple Cupertino Office

Further, the man in the first supposed iPhone photo (shown below) is Derrick Schneider, a programmer and author of the blog Obsession With Food. Click Derrick’s image on the right of his home page, and guess where it leads you: to the same Flickr album where the original iPhone photo was posted.

iPhone Camera Photo

Schneider’s About page reveals another photo of him. Unless he has an identical twin, he is without a doubt the man in the iPhone photo.

Derrick Schneider

A commenter on MobileGuerrilla said the background in the photo of Schneider suggests it was taken in “a steakhouse on Wolfe, at Vallco Mall, called ‘Alexanders’, in Cupertino, CA.”

That would explain this photo, which was also said to be taken with an iPhone:

iPhone Camera Photo

The EXIF data from the image is shown below:

Camera: Apple iPhone
Aperture: f/2.8
Orientation: Rotated 90 degrees clockwise
Date and Time: 2007:04:21 10:23:45
Color Space: sRGB
Tag::EXIF::0xA500: 11/5
Compression: JPEG
Image Width: 1600 pixels
Image Height: 1200 pixels

Update: The iPhone photos may have actually been snapped in San Francisco’s Hotel Vitale. The header image (especially the chairs) looks a lot like the background in the photo of Schneider.

Hotel Vitale

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