Removing Native Apps From Your iPhone Home Screen

Why can’t we delete icons for native apps from iPhone’s home screen? With any app from the App Store, you can tap it and hold and then hit the X to delete it, but not with the default iPhone apps.

There are apps in the App Store that might make some of your default iPhone apps unnecessary. These are just some examples:

  • Maybe you prefer the Weather Channel app over iPhone’s overly-simplistic Weather app
  • MagicPad might make the Notes app unnecessary for you
  • The Todo app could make your Calendar app obsolete
  • Personally, I don’t need the Contacts icon because I access my contacts through my phone

I simply don’t need some of the default iPhone apps so they just sit there taking up space on my screen. Why are the native apps undeletable? It’s MY iPhone, I should be able to customize it the way I want to.

Does this bother you as much as it bothers me?

6 thoughts on “Removing Native Apps From Your iPhone Home Screen”

  1. Ssh into iPhone and delete the folder containing the app you want terminated. I did that on 3.1.3 3GS and it worked.

  2. jailbreak your device

    brows to “var/stash/applications.*****”
    delete the apps your dont need
    reboot device

  3. To answer your Q: YES! IT BOTHERS ME A LOT !$@&?{}#£€][!?!!! Screen Real Estate is extremely valuable!! I have deleted many apps already to make room & I could let go of several native iPhone apps ASAP if it would let me. Move them to back page? Nadda! All pages are full. The fact we are limited to 11 pages on a 32gig phone is insane to start with. Grrrr. Boo Apple.

  4. Move them to another page at the back of your page set. I have one that includes those Apple apps I don’t use and some others Ive installed but don’t use much. Given I have 8 or 9 pages and they’re at the back, thats well out of the way.

    • The issue isn’t that they are on the screen. It’s that they are taking up valuable hard drive space with programs that I don’t want or use.


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