Update Your iPhone Without Buying Another

Apple said it will be able to add features to iPhones after they have been purchased, says the New York Times.

“The company’s executives say that the capability to upgrade the iPhone in the field will give it a significant advantage over other cellphones, which are usually replaced frequently.”

This is great news. Now you won’t have to wait to buy iPhone 2.0 to enjoy new features like (hopefully) 3G, GPS and a video camera.

And best of all, you’ll save yourself $500-$600. I know I’d be hard-pressed to spend another half-a-grand just to have an updated phone.

Check out the Times article for a good read.

3 thoughts on “Update Your iPhone Without Buying Another”

  1. I was expecting something like this. It simply adds more flavor to the service and enjoyment of such a product. the Wii uses similar methods in updating their Wii Channels and for getting extra apps/games/channels on the console.

    I now have no doubt that this phone will be the best thing out there. Now all we need is to kill our “I don’t like change” nature (eg, smartphones have buttons — iPhone does not) and things will start rolling!


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